Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WDW Honeymoon Recap- 3/24/13

Sunday the 24th, we started day two of our honeymoon at Epcot.

We headed over to The Living Seas where we had our wedding reception.  I love going back and visiting the locations where we had our wedding events.  It brings back all of the great memories from our wedding day!

We rode on the Nemo ride and then went up to the aquarium and reminisced.  On the way out, we made sure to acknowledge the backstage door that we actually got to pass through on our private tour.  We also walked by the location where we "walked on stage" at our reception from the parking lot behind Living Seas.

Next, Eliot and I decided to head towards the World Showcase so we could see the topiaries at the Flower and Garden Festival.  We didn't make it very far before we saw these adorable baby ducks and their mom.  A little girl was feeding them Cheerios and the babies were having a hard time jumping over the concrete curb of the landscaping. They were adorable.  We stopped for about 10 minutes to watch all of the babies as they finally made it over the barrier, one by one.  A large crowd was around us by the time all 10 babies made it over.

We finally arrived at the World Showcase and made our way around the loop.  We stopped in the United Kingdom to take pictures with the Winnie the Pooh topiaries.  Of course we had to get a picture of our favorites.  Here's Eeyore and Piglet!

And here's me with Tigger!

On our journey around the World Showcase, we stopped at the Terrace des Fleurs in France.  We had our VIP IllumiNations Dessert Party there after our wedding reception. It was the perfect way to end our wedding day.

When we got to the center of France, I got what I'd been waiting for... my crêpe!!!  I'd been waiting to get one for a few trips.  We always ran out of time.  Since it was our honeymoon, I decided it was ok to indulge a little.  (A little... ha!  Stay tuned...)

We continued meandering through the countries and stopped to take more pictures in Germany at the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs topiaries.  My brother loves the Dwarfs so I had to get a picture for him!

Then we discovered one of the hidden Easter eggs (from the limited time magic egg hunt) in a window box in Germany!  If we'd been smart, we would have signed up for the egg hunt!  It looked like it was a lot of fun!

On our journey, we discovered that my favorite teddy bear was at his greeting location! We stopped to get our pictures taken with Duffy!  Yay!

We continued our walk back to Future World and found the Cars topiaries along the way. We grabbed a quick picture of Lightning McQueen for Eliot's sister Sara.  

And we couldn't forget a picture of Tow Mater for my best friend Katie!

Then, we made our way back towards the front of the park.  The sky was starting to cloud up with that ominous feeling before a downpour.  Luckily, we made it inside the Art of Disney store before we got completely soaked.  It poured.  Like torrential rainstorm poured.  There were massive storm warnings all over Disney World.

Eventually, the rain let up a little.  It didn't stop completely but it wasn't going to soak us at that point.  Thankfully, we had our rain gear prepared just in case.  We decided to take a break to ride the Monorail from Epcot over to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). It was pretty relaxing and we ended up riding back and forth between Epcot and the TTC a few times.  At one point, we even had the entire Monorail car to ourselves!

We finally decided to go into the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon.  The first thing we saw was Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny!  The line wasn't that long and I ran over to get in it.  Eliot knew that I was dying to get a picture with them.  

Success!  And then I even got a yummy Peep candy afterwards!

We walked around and ended up at the Starlight Cafe for a snack.  I got a chocolate cake.  Yum!  (Remember I mentioned indulging "a little" since it was our honeymoon?) Next, we walked around Tomorrowland and went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  The park was less busy after all of the rain so the lines were short.

We made it over to the Journey of the Little Mermaid ride and the line wasn't that long! Yay!  I loved it the design of the queue.  There were even little sea shells crushed into the concrete!  And there were (fake) starfish all over the rocks too.  The waterfall and the stonework was absolutely beautiful.

Eliot had been on the ride at California Adventure, but it was all completely new to me.  I loved going "under" the sea and the projections on the ceiling.  I loved the Under the Sea scene.  There was so much going on it was hard to take it all in.  The Kiss the Girl scene was beautiful.  I loved passing under the vines.  The whole ride was like you were really there inside of the movie!

We finished honeymoon day number two by watching the Electrical Parade.  We actually got front row seats right at the beginning of the parade right outside of the Emporium!  We enjoyed watching the floats come from backstage. 

After the parade ended, we followed the crowd and went back to Pop Century so we could get up early for day number three!  °o°

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