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WDW Honeymoon Recap- 3/28/13

The next morning, Eliot went over to Hollywood Studios really early to get us Toy Story Mania Fastpasses since the line was 3+ hours every time we went past it!  While he was doing that, I stayed in our room and worked on project ear hats more.  Here's a behind the scenes sneak peek!

After a few hours, I joined him at Hollywood Studios and we headed over to the animation building again.  We wanted to take pictures with Sorcerer Mickey!  And it was time to get some autographs in our book!

We waited a while in the Vanellope Von Schweetz and Wreck it Ralph line.  Eliot really wanted to get his picture taken with them!  Vanellope liked that we had sweatshirts too!

We still had time before our Toy Story Mania FastPass, so we went to see my favorite Disney stage show: Beauty and the Beast!

I love the big poofy pink dresses that they wear.  I always wanted one!

Then, it was finally time to go to Toy Story Mania!  The girl in the front handed me one of the wait time cards. You know it's a popular ride when you get a wait card in the Fastpass line!  We still had to wait a bit in line, but it was no where near 3 hours!

We enjoyed the ride as usual.  I hadn't been on the Disney World version before this trip because of the lines being so long.  Eliot had been on the Disneyland ride many times and considered himself a pro.  Then, the unthinkable happened to him.  I BEAT ELIOT!!! (That never happened when we went on the Disneyland version.)  He claims it was his gun... I think it was my amazing aim and skills!

After Toy Story was over, we slowly made our way around the park.  We ended up stumbling across the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet!  The sun was slowly starting to come out while we were in line, so we finally took off our sweatshirts.  And as luck would have it, we wore our Agent P t-shirts that day!  All of the kids in line were totally jealous of our awesomeness.  I know it.

Before we left, we stopped under the Sorcerer Hat to watch the Pixar Play Parade.  We had heard that Disney was getting rid of it, so I wanted to see it before we left.

Then we left Hollywood Studios to take another break at our hotel.

We stopped at Everything Pop to grab some lunch to bring back to the room.  I got myself another indulging little snack.  Yummy!

While we were "home", I got another picture of my Easter window. I was proud of it!  And no one else had their window decorated!

After more rest, we went to over to Epcot for Extra Magic Hours, but it was completely packed.  (Apparently, everyone had the same idea we did.)

We made our way over to the Epcot Character Spot and that wasn't very busy.  We decided that we'd get more pictures and autographs for our book!  You can't beat a hug from Mickey Mouse himself!

We got our pictures taken with Mickey!

Then Pluto!

And finally Minnie!

Next, we went to Fountainview Ice Cream and ate ice cream for a late dinner!

We sat and people watched for a bit.

Then we left Epcot and went over to the Magic Kingdom since it was open until 1 am.  On the monorail ride over, we even saw the Seven Seas Lagoon water parade!

The Magic Kingdom was pretty quiet since it was open so late.  We wandered through the park and went on some of the rides.  We went on It's a Small World and were basically the only people on it!

After, we took pictures around the castle for our PhotoPass.  The benefit of staying so late when no one else is there?  There's no one in the background of your pictures!

And you can't beat the view!

It was a beautiful way to end Honeymoon Day 6!  °o°

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