Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick's Day Printables

Hi Friends!

St. Patrick's Day is about a week and a half away so I figured that it's time I get my Irish on.  Confession: I'm not really sure about how Irish I am.  But I'm part Irish and everyone's Irish on St. Patty's day anyways, right?  

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, I've got some printables for you!

I know that you guys love the holiday printables that I post, so I'm back with some for St. Patrick's Day.  In keeping with tradition, I used the Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick's Day Candy Box printables from Spoonful.  I also found a printable for some shamrocks.

Once again, I enlarged their faces.  Next, I printed them on sturdy card-stock and cut them out, being careful to cut directly around their faces.  I added Scotch tape to the back and viola: simple Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick's Day cupboard decorations!

If you'd like to make some, but don't feel like going through all of the steps I did, I've posted my modified files below.  I do not take any credit for creating these! They are property of Disney and Spoonful.  I just modified them to fit my needs! Ok? Got it? Good.

The possibilities with these are endless.  These would make a fun project for kids to make their own masks!  You can also make them into scrapbook embellishments.  If you're going to Disney over St. Patrick's Day, you could print them on magnetic paper and put them on your Disney Resort door!

Enjoy!!!  °o°

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