Thursday, March 3, 2016

Marching Forward

Hi friends!  I hope you're enjoying your March so far!  Eliot and I have had another busy week both at home and work.  It's also been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for me, but I think things will be settling down.

Last week was a rough one for me.  It was our family dog Lucky's birthday on February 23rd.  I still miss him terribly sometimes.  He was like another sibling to Jeremy and me.  The next day, the 24th, had been a year since my family gathered in the hospital around Papa and when all of us cousins said our goodbyes.  As you may recall from my post last year, we lost him on the 25th.  The week was emotional to say the least.

As you've probably figured out, I'm very talkative.  I'm usually only quiet when I'm truly upset.  I didn't feel much like talking about it, or reliving it through a blog post.  But I muddled through it like the rest of the family.  Having it be a year later doesn't change anything, but at least we've made it through all of "the firsts" without Papa.  Now, it's about marching forward and living life to the fullest.  Like he'd want us to.

And the week wasn't a total loss.  One of the days when I wasn't feeling too great, I decided to watch Hercules on Netflix.  I love that movie and I thought it was the perfect selection to prepare for Once Upon a Time's trip to the Underworld this spring.  Eliot and I also had a productive weekend getting things done around the house!

Eliot's and my eight year dating anniversary was Sunday the 28th.  We didn't do anything fancy for it.  We'd thought about going out to dinner, but we were getting so much done at the house that time kind of slipped by us.  We're still planning to go out sometime to celebrate though!  We still have our gift card to Chili's from my parents!

Of course, Monday was Leap Day.  I had an awesome day and I got a ton of stuff done.  I was happy to work on a few projects that I've been putting off.  (I haven't worked on one of them since last August!)  I created some new ear hat design ideas for Happily Ever Hatter.  I'm really excited to start working on them!

Photo Source: Disney Store
Tuesday, March 1st brought another Tsum Tsum Tuesday.  This month's first release was Tangled!  I was also thrilled to see the Pirates of the Caribbean set from the Disney theme parks online!  Eliot already bought me the New York City Mickey and Minnie, but I was excited to see those for people who weren't able to get them yet.

Eliot and I been trying to watch our new The Good Dinosaur movie all week but we've been too busy!  Eliot's work had a video taping yesterday.  Monday night he didn't leave work until 9pm and Tuesday he left at 10:35, and that was only after I called him to tell him I was going to bed soon.  Thankfully, the taping went well and he came home at a half decent time tonight!  Maybe we'll finally watch it this weekend.

Photo Source: IMDB
Speaking of movies, we'd really like to go see Zootopia!  Originally I was hoping we'd be able to go tomorrow but I have a funny feeling that Eliot is going to crash when he gets home from work tomorrow night.  At this point, we'll probably have to go over the weekend!  I'm going to find something to keep myself busy though.  Tomorrow is Papa's birthday and I'm expecting it to be an emotional day.  However, instead of being sad like I was last week, I'm really going to do my best to keep marching forward.  °o°

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