Sunday, March 13, 2016


As much of a disappointment as last weekend was, this weekend more than made up for it!  In the realm of home ownership, this weekend was definitely a success!

First things first, our kitchen sink is unclogged!  Eliot and I tackled that project earlier this morning.  Thankfully, it ended up being a lot less involved than I was expecting it to be.  My three hours of tireless efforts last weekend seemed like a joke today.  Within about five minutes, Eliot and I successfully unclogged the sink!  All it took was our two new plungers, a little elbow grease and teamwork!

We also teamed up Saturday to work on cleaning and organizing the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Eliot and I moved a bunch of stuff around.  Now, I'll be able to access the cupboards and the remaining kitchen items.  I put a bunch of our kitchen stuff in the cupboards when we were moving in just to get them out of the way.  Now that we're really getting settled into the house, it's time for everything to find it's permanent home.  Hopefully I'll get to that later this week, or next weekend!

I also did some rearranging in our master bedroom.  Eliot and I decided to move some of my clothing, shoes and accessories so we could prepare the front window area for another coat of paint.  Once he's finished painting that area, Eliot's going to put my new dresser together right there since that's where it's going anyways!

My office space is coming along.  After many months of deliberations, I think I finally know where I want to put all of my furniture anyways!  I've had the bookcases and my desks in place, but the rest of the furniture has been in limbo.  Eliot and I still have to put together my adjustable drawing desk.  I've decided to make a few other work surfaces for my projects.  Finally, l've decided to get a few IKEA glass display cases like Eliot has for his Vinylmations.  It's far from done, but I'm happy with the progress!

When I needed to sit down and take a break earlier today, I wanted to continue on my productive streak.  I got looking though my email account and I ended up deleting about 10,000 emails from my personal email account.  They add up so fast don't they?

Fortunately, this weekend wasn't all work and no play.  Saturday night, Eliot and I finally watched The Good Dinosaur.  It was a cute movie.  It kind of reminded me of The Lion King.  I wasn't thrilled with the ending, but then again, Disney Pixar movies always make me cry.  Why should this one be any different?

Tonight, Eliot and I went out to dinner at Chili's.  It was nice to finally go out for a late Valentine's Day and dating anniversary date night.  We got back in home just in time for me to catch Once Upon a Time!!!  (Which I will do after posting this blog entry!)

Finally, I ordered more ear hats from the Disney Store!  I have a lot of new designs I'm working on for Happily Ever Hatter and I don't want to use up my current stock on the new designs.  This was good timing since the Disney Store was running a sale for 30% off Disney Parks items all weekend.  You also got free shipping with any Disney parks item!  Plus, they were still running the buy two mini tsum sums, get one free offer.  So I caved and bought the rest of my Zootopia tsums.  Nine for the price of 6 wasn't bad!

All in all, Eliot and I had a good, very productive weekend.  I think we're set up nicely for the week to come!  Hopefully this week and next weekend will be just as much of a success as this weekend was!  °o°

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