Monday, March 28, 2016

March's Magical Mail

It's no secret that I love getting packages in the mail.  It's like Christmas each time I open a box, even if I already know what's inside.  This past month, I've gotten a few more handmade items from other sellers on Etsy.  And I also received a few surprises!

While scrolling through Facebook one morning, I found out these Disney scrapbook items were on sale.  Normally, I wouldn't necessarily jump at the chance, but this entire group of items was about 60% off, totaling only $20!!!  This was the best deal ever!

I'm so excited I was able to purchase a hand painted pendant necklace by Savanna Rodriguez.  I've admired her work via Instagram for awhile.  I was fortunate to grab one during a recent shop opening.  (She only takes a limited number of orders at a time and they can sell out within minutes.)  Savanna was great to work with; she captured exactly what I wanted for my pendant.  I love how the castle is light up like the rainbow- one of my favorite visual memories from the parks!  The fireworks are even covered in glitter.  This entire pendant is perfect.  I hope to order another someday!

Recently, I've started purchasing a few ear headbands from other sellers.  (I know I make ears myself, but I've come across a few designs too cute to pass up!)  My first set arrived Friday- my Disneyland icons ears from Elephant and Mouse.  The scale of the designs is just right and the hot pink sequin bow is perfect!  They're also really well made and high quality!  Maggie was a pleasure to work with.  In fact, I love these ears so much that I ordered two more ear headbands from her the same day I got these!

Speaking of ears, I've been looking into more fabrics recently.  Most of the fabrics available at online retailers are already being used by other ear makers.  There's only so much Disney fabric to go around.  Instead, I've tried to look elsewhere.  I happened to come across these fabrics from someone online, and I'm so glad I jumped at the chance to get them!  They're absolutely stunning!

I also ordered a few yards of this Disney Princess fabric.  I was immediately attracted to this fabric as soon as I saw it online.  I love the hues of pink and how it's a sketched design.  I was really excited that Jasmine was included!  I'm hoping to make myself a skirt and scarf with it.  Of course, there will be plenty of fabric left over for mouse ears!

Speaking of skirts, I found this cream Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse Collection skater skirt on eBay.  It's brand new with the tags still on it.  I bought the red version on sale last summer but never got the cream.  The skirt was originally $50 and this one was only $17 with shipping!  That's definitely my kind of deal!

Last weekend, Eliot and I received a package from his mother.  I knew he'd asked her to buy us something from Disneyland, but I didn't know what.  We opened the box together and found a few Christmas ornaments, little Frozen plushes, pins and a few other goodies.  She also got us two Genie plush- the final installment of the Disneyland limited edition plush.  Plus, Eliot got the Disney Pixar Hawaiian shirt he'd asked her for.

There were also a few Easter goodies.  Eliot had told me she was planning to do the Easter Egg Hunt.  She sent us the maps, stickers and the Disney eggs.  (I think I'm going to use some of the stickers in one of my scrapbooks!)  What I wasn't expecting, were the last two packages that were wrapped up really well.  Eliot told me to open them and to my surprise, there were two candy apples inside!  He had told his mother how much I love them.  She sent me a St. Patrick's Day and Easter Egg apple!  Yay!!!

Finally, the complete surprise arrived a few days ago.  Eliot received a package the other day while he was at work and I set it aside.  When we arrived home that night, he told me it was actually for me.  He said it was a present and that I had to open it.  I think I squealed when I saw Flower and Garden Festival ShellieMay and Easter Duffy!!!  (Eliot apparently contacted his friend who got the Flower and Garden Festival items for us last year.)  I'm so excited to have a Flower and Garden Duffy and ShellieMay!!!  And I love Easter Duffy.  The little 9" Duffy plush are my favorites!!!

I'm so thankful for all of these little packages filled with Disney magic!!!  °o°


  1. I love it when YOU get mail!

    1. Hehe! I'm glad you enjoy my posts!!! :-)

    2. I love them...I check everyday and smile when there is a post-Disney Magic all the time and your enthusiasm is infectious!

    3. Aww thanks so much! I try to make each day magical! I can't wait to finally have our house all organized so I can share pictures of all the magical items we've collected! :-)