Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mini Keycon- Maine Edition

I'm am so grateful that my love of Disney has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.  Disney really is magical.  Not only that, but tonight was another example of how blessed I am to be a part of the greatest family of travel agents.

I just got back from having dinner, aka "Mini KeyCon", with my friends Carrie and Shauna.  I'm lucky to live close to a few of the other Key to the World travel agents from Maine.  Both these ladies aren't too far from me, and we've been trying to meet up to get dinner for a few months now.  Tonight was finally the night!

My face still hurts from laughing.  We reminisced about our KeyCon 2015 antics: from Slytherin group selfies to Universal ride adventures.  We talked about our next KeyCon conference coming up this fall.  Of course, we had to talk a little Disney!!!

We also exchanged a few fun things.  Carrie was awesome and offered to grab some goodies for Shauna and me from the RunDisney marathon weekend expo!  She got me the light blue RunDisney shirt I'd been hunting for.  She got Shauna the Ariel New Balance sneakers.  They're stunning!  (Mental note: Add to wishlist.)  She also grabbed us a stack of Walt Disney World maps!  

Meanwhile, Shauna raided our local craft store a few weeks ago and adopted/rescued a few plush Olafs from the clearance bin.  She brought some for Carrie and me.  They lined up to watch us eat dinner before we took them home.  I'm up next for the goodie exchange!  I'm planning to grab us all Disneyland maps when I'm out there!  Maybe I can find a few other fun Disneyland things!

It was a fantastic evening.  I'm so glad we got to catch up with each other.  We're already talking about meeting up again this summer.  I think mini KeyCon part two in Old Orchard Beach while eating fried dough is an idea we all can get behind.  °o°


  1. Loved to see Carrie in your picture...I worked with her and was also able to attend her wedding at DisneyWorld-she is truly a great person (as all Disney lovers are)

    1. Yes, she told me you had mentioned Key to the World to her! I never knew that! I love the Disney community! Carrie is awesome and I hope we can get together again soon! :-)