Friday, November 4, 2022

Fun Find: “The Gift” Final Video in “From Our Family To Yours” Series

It's ok... I suppose that I needed a good cry this afternoon... 

I certainly wasn't prepared for this.  I literally popped over to Youtube thinking I was going to share a video of the updated Fantasmic show Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios.  Then, I saw a link to a new video from the Disney Parks Youtube page and I had to stop everything and watch it.  There was another one.

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For the past three years, I've been captivated by the From Our Family to Yours video shorts Disney has released each holiday season.  It started out with the little girl and her grandmother with the Mickey Mouse plush.  That video was the most emotional for me.  After all that 2020 threw at us, it hit me right in the feels and I sobbed watching it.  

Next, came last year's version where the little girl from the first one was now a mother herself and getting remarried.  Her two children and their new step-dad are adjusting to becoming a blended family and starting new holiday traditions together.

Finally, with this year's final installment of the series, it takes place little bit later than the last video, and the family is now welcoming another new addition to the family.

This video holds the same magic as the last two, and I think it's beautiful to see how the family's story has played out over the past three years.  I get emotional seeing all of the Disney toys and ornaments because it reminds me of my own family's traditions and the memories that we hold through certain ornaments and decorations.

I also thought it was cool that the new song, "A Little More," is performed by Jessica Darrow- who voiced Luisa in Encanto.  Finally, like the other two videos in the series, this one is to help others during the holiday season.  This video sponsors Toys for Tots and you can learn how you can help donate a toy here

No matter how old I get, the magic of Disney will always bring me back to my own childhood and experiencing it all for the first time.  Thank you to the Disney creative teams for capturing this feeling so perfectly through this series of videos.  °o°

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