Friday, November 18, 2022

Fun Find: Mickey- The Story of a Mouse Trailer Video

94 years ago, Steamboat Willie premiered and with it came the screen debut of our favorite mouse.  In recent years, the Walt Disney company has declared November 18th "Mickey's Birthday" and has celebrated the day in various ways.  Today, they released a new documentary exclusively on Disney+ that tells the story of Mickey.

I honestly didn't even realize this was being released until I popped into our Disney+ account this morning to find something to watch while I was eating my breakfast.  I took a peek at the new releases knowing that Disenchanted came out today... then I saw the link for the Mickey documentary.  I had to know more so I found this trailer.

Eliot and I have learned a lot about Mickey and how he came to be.  There's a great exhibit about Mickey at the Walt Disney Family museum and we really enjoyed delving into the story of how Walt created him.  I love Disney's documentaries and I think this is the perfect way to celebrate Mickey's birthday today!  I'm not sure what time Eliot will finally be home from work, but I've found what we're watching tonight before bed!

If you're looking for something to watch this weekend, you can find Mickey: The Story of a Mouse now streaming over on Disney+.  I hope you enjoy this fun find!

HappBirthdaMickey!!! (and Minnie!!!)  °o°

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