Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Fall 2022 Sewing Recap

Wow!!!  These past few weeks have flown right by!  It's hard to believe that nine weeks ago, I was just starting my fall 2022 sewing class.  Now, it's ended and it's already been a week since I last sat in my familiar classroom... and I also already miss it.

I have to admit, I think this is the most productive class I've ever had other than the original ones when I first was learning how to sew.  I got so many projects done this session!  And as promised, I'm back now with a recap of how it went!

Back on October 4th, I started the class strong by finishing the skirt that I'd started back in the spring.  That was a great way to start this session because I was really pumped about how it came out and I was super motivated to finish more projects!

The following week, on October 11th, I finished the second rainbow placemat.  These are such a pain in the butt and super time consuming... but they're really pretty!

On October 18th, I worked on making two pillowcases for Nana's small pillows that we got her last Christmas.  She uses them to pad her elbows on her wheelchair and I've wanted to make her some pillowcases out of Cinderella Fairy Godmother fabric to make them a little more personalized and fun!  I made up the pattern based on the size of her pillows.  Thankfully, they fit and they came out really cute!

At my October 25th class, I started the full sized pillowcase that I'd selected fabrics out for last Christmas.  We showed Nana the fabrics and told her about my plans to make her some stuff at Christmas, but I hadn't gotten a chance to make the pillowcase.  I had planned to make it last spring, but we started the skirt instead.  This was one of my main goals for this session and I was actually able to do 90% of it during this one class!

On November 1st, I finished the rest of Nana's full sized pillowcase.  The Cinderella print pattern of the fabric ended up being sideways to how she'd have it on the bed, but it was really cute and took up less fabric that way. I am 100% obsessed with how good the fabrics look together.  And most importantly, Nana absolutely loved it!

November 8th, I finished Nana's valences that matched her new pillowcase!  (I had cut those and started them on the 1st.)  I gave her those over Thanksgiving along with her new full size pillowcase.  She loved these and they definitely helped brighten her room!

On November 15th, I switched gears to looking at what other projects I've started but haven't gotten to finish.  I spent a good portion of class taking out the fabrics that I had already cut to make more tote bags.  I also took photos of everything so I'd have a quick reference point when I was buying the coordinating fabrics.  (There are a lot...)

Then, I spent the second part of class cutting out fabric for my Disney Hanukkah bag.

Finally, at my last class on November 22nd, I picked up working on a few of the other tote bags that I started years ago.  I reminded myself of where I was in the process of each, and I was surprised at how close I was to getting them finished!  Hopefully, I'll find time this winter to finish them, but if not, these will be a top priority next spring!

And speaking of the spring... I've saved the best news for last.  I've been upset that they haven't been running the afternoon class because I used to get so much done at both of the classes.  They aren't bringing the afternoon class back, but instead... 

They're running a new nighttime class in the spring!!!

I was so excited when Lori officially told me the news!  I'd already put the bee in Eliot's bonnet... but once it was official, I told him to keep his Tuesday nights clear for those 8 weeks.  I'm signing both of us up for the evening class!  I'm so excited.  Eliot doesn't know how to sew, and we have been talking about getting an embroidery machine at some point.  I figure that this is the perfect way to get him used to using a sewing machine, threading needles and winding and changing bobbins.

And best of all, I'll have more time to work on projects now that I'll be taking both the morning and evening classes!  I'm not sure what my projects will be, but I'll definitely be spending some time this winter planning out what I'm going to be working on!  

As you can see, I had a wonderful fall sewing session with lots of finished projects... and now I'm even more excited about both of the spring 2023 sessions!!!  °o°

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