Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Fall 2022 Sewing Class Begins

Last Tuesday, my Fall 2022 Sewing Class began at my local adult education branch.  I usually would have written about it last Tuesday, but since it was my anniversary with Key to the World Travel, I thought it made more sense to stick to that.  Plus, up until two weeks ago, I wasn't even sure they were going to be running our class.

During the pandemic, our registration and attendance was really low.  They allowed the class to run with only 1-3 of us taking it, but they prefer 3-5 students.  I finally emailed Lori, my instructor, on September 27th checking in, and she got in contact with the school.  (She hadn't heard anything either.)  Within a few hours, she emailed me back saying that class was running and that there were five of us registered for it!  I also got a reminder email from the school that class was starting on October 4th!

So last Tuesday, I got ready and headed over the familiar roads to my sewing class.

I can't tell you how excited I was that class was running.  I had a bit of extra pep in my step as I got there early so I could claim my spot in the back row.  Speaking of my back row... Try as I might, I still take up so much space.  I was really good confining myself to two desks during our first class, but I spilled over to the third and last one in the back row today because I needed the room to cut fabric.  Oh well... I tried!

Looking ahead, I'm not exactly sure what the plan is for projects this semester.  The other students in the class are at various levels of sewing knowledge so they'll most likely be doing the beginner stuff that I did years ago.  Nowadays, Lori usually lets me do whatever I want to and we work out projects based off of my interests.  During our first class last week, I finished my skirt that I was working on this spring.

Today I worked on finishing my second rainbow placemat.  I kind of abandoned it last spring as soon as Lori said the word "skirt" so I figured that I'd get that finished now before moving onto something else.  Like the first one, it came out really cute!  But I still have to sew the place where you flip them inside out shut on both of them.  And after I flipped my second one, I found a spot where two of the fabric strips didn't fully meet so I'll have to use interfacing or something to keep them stitched together.  But overall, they came out well and they're almost done!  (Never doing that again!)

I'm not sure what project I'll be working on next.  Honestly, I'm just happy to have class period.  I already told Lori that I can sit in the back working on whatever I need to while she's helping the newcomers with their projects.  Plus, there are plenty of things for me to work on.  I want to make some stuff for Nana using the Cinderella fabric that I've bought.  (I've got pillow cases and valances on my list!)  I also wanted to make a few valances for our living room.  I cut the fabric up at the end of class a few session ago but I never started to actually sew the valences together.

And let's not even get started on the those never-ending tote bags... I think I have four that are actually in the stages of becoming tote bags.  Then, I started cutting the main fabric for at least 2-3 more of them.  I really need to get back to those!

Finally, I'm thinking about making making another skirt now that I've finished one and it fits!  Trying that skirt on a week ago during our first class was definitely one of the highlights of sewing class!  I've always wanted to make myself a skirt, and having it on to show everyone was such a proud moment for me!  Now that I've finished that one, I'm thinking about making a candy corn skirt, rainbow skirt, and maybe a Christmas skirt.  And I have to make a Mirabel skirt once I can find the right shades of teal fabric!

I'm sure that whatever I end up doing, it will be a fun session!  As usual, I'll check in again at the end of class to let you know how it goes!  Here's hoping that the next six weeks are fun, productive and that I'll learn a lot!  °o°

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