Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wedding Wednesday: Maine Reception Preparations

Happy Wednesday friends!  Today, I'm doing a special edition of Wedding Wednesday, because not only has it been 10 years since our Disney Wedding... but it's also been ten years since we held our at home reception celebration back in Maine!

Planning a wedding and then an at home reception exactly a month later is not for the faint of heart.  Luckily for me, Eliot, my parents and I kept the Maine event pretty simple so I spent most of my time leading up to our wedding focusing on our actual wedding in Florida.  That meant things were a little bit dicey between the two events, but we managed and it turned out well considering everything we were juggling!

The most fun part of planning two events was that I could do different themes for each of them!  We had decided to go with a fall theme for our Maine reception since the event was in October.  Plus, I love the fall and if Eliot and I had gotten married in Maine, I would have wanted to do it in the fall with all of the changing leaves anyways!

Today, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek at the behind the scenes action of us pulling everything together the day before our Maine wedding reception event!

The first order of business was making some of the treats for the event.  I had taken a chocolate class recently, so I wanted to make a few things for it.

I ended up melting a bunch of chocolate and making pretzel sticks with leaf sprinkles.

Then, I also used the same stuff to make chocolate covered Oreos.  Yum!

I also separated the edible leaves and acorns for the cake we made.  I found the leaves and acorns on Etsy and I thought they'd be perfect to put on our cake!

The next order of business, and the biggest task, was decorating the venue where we held the event.  Thankfully, they let us in the night before so we were able to get everything set up for the most part!  We piled up all of our supplies and got to work!

We set it up like you normally would for a wedding reception.  We put the head table up on the stage at the front of the venue.  Then, we had tables set up all around for our guests.  Finally, there were a few extra tables for our guest book and other things to sign, one for the cake and another one for all of the food!

My favorite part of the reception decorations were all of the small details.  Eliot and I brought a few of our fall themed Build A Bear plush home and I dressed them in bride, groom, Cinderella and Prince Charming outfits.  They were really cute!

I also made sure to include plenty of photos from our wedding so everyone who wasn't able to attend could still feel like they experienced our wedding.  I created two separate photo boards using poster frames and scrapbook paper that matched our wedding colors.  I put photos from the Wedding Pavilion and our ceremony on the first one.

Then, on the second board I added a bunch of photos from our wedding reception at the Living Seas Salon and of our IllumiNations Dessert Party in Epcot.

Finally, before leaving the venue and calling it a night, we made sure to check and see if the computer and video was working.  I had spent quite a bit of time the day before working on a slide show to play at the reception, plus we also had the footage of our actual wedding ceremony.  So we wanted to make sure everything worked!

Check back tomorrow for a #tbt post all about our Maine Wedding Reception!!!  °o°

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