Saturday, October 22, 2022

National Color Day 2022

Whew... this has been a week.  I'm glad it's finally the weekend, but there's no rest on the horizon.  Eliot and I have a huge pile of orders to mail out today.  We've got four hockey games to watch/to go between today and tomorrow.  We've got more orders to work on for next week.  And I've been behind on my blog posts all week.  Truthfully, I'm still feeling a bit burnt out, and I've been exhausted ever since Eliot and I got back from our quick trip to San Jose last weekend.  But I'm moving forward...

Today, I wanted to pop in really quick to say hi in real time.  A lot of my other posts this week have been back-dated, but I did have this one post on time.  If you like to read everything that I write, make sure to pop back and check out everything from this week because I snuck a few in from last Saturday through yesterday!

My other reason for stopping by is that today is National Color Day!  I thought that was a fun occasion that I wanted to mark over here.  If Eliot and I weren't so crazy busy today, I probably would have gotten out one of my rainbow outfits to wear tonight, but I'm just going to stick with my normal clothes.

However, I've got something else planned to incorporate a little bit of color around here!  Check back next Wednesday for a fun and colorful DIY!  I actually haven't made it yet, but hopefully I'll be able to get it done by then so I can get my post up on time!

I've got another full week ahead of me, but I'll definitely be around here as I've got a bunch of posts planned for next week too!  Have a wonderful weekend friends!

HappNationaColoDay!!!  °o°

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