Sunday, October 30, 2022

National Candy Corn Day 2022

Happy National Candy Corn Day!  As you may recall, a year ago today I admitted my complete addiction to all things candy corn.  This time of year is filled with orange, yellow and white products for Halloween, and this spooky season did not disappoint!

I look forward to the new candy corn merchandise each year, and over the past few years, it seems as though retailers have finally caught on to it's popularity.  Now, they are making tons of merchandise and cashing in on the sweet treat.  

This Halloween season, I've added a few new candy corn items to my collection and I thought that I'd share them with you today in honor of National Candy Corn Day!

The first thing I purchased this year was my candy corn Pair Eyewear Topper.

My next purchase was this Minnie Mouse Candy Corn Witch Sweater from Torrid.

Hot Topic and Her Universe came out with a bunch of candy corn items.  Naturally, I gravitated towards the Disney stuff first.  I got this Candy Corn Disney Dress.

I also got this year's version of the Disney Candy Corn Hooded Sweater.

Later in spooky season, I had Hot Cash to use so I bought this Candy Corn Tank Dress from Hot Topic.  It's a bit chilly in Maine this time of year, but it will be great to layer! 

I also had to get this Candy Corn Sweater Vest from Hot Topic.  I absolutely love argyle prints and sweater vests, so this was also a no brainer!

Mid-October, I got a happy surprise when I got an email notification that the Harvey's Candy Corn Tote Bag was back in stock.  I had literally just gotten out of the shower, so I hopped into my bathrobe, ran downstairs to my laptop and ordered it on the spot.  I had signed up for the restock notification back at the beginning of September when it was first released.  It was literally right before our California trip, so I skipped the release since I didn't want to spend money.  As soon as it sold out, I signed up for the restock just in case I'd get selected for it.  Thankfully, by the time I got the email, I had money available so I got it!  It's the perfect handbag to go with my candy corn outfits!

Finally, my favorite addition to my collection this year is my new Candy Corn Jeweled Headband by Brianna Cannon.  I just discovered her shop a few months ago and I'm totally obsessed.  This knotted headband is cute, fun and fashionable.  I love all of the jewels and how sparkly it is!  This will look great with all of my candy corn outfits!

As you can see, I have got quite the collection of candy corn cuties in my collection!  I absolutely love everything and I can't wait to start putting outfits together!!!

Happy NationaCandy CorDay!!!  °o°

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