Monday, October 3, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Epcot 40th Anniversary Collection

Goodness, gracious, great ball of rainbow fantabulousness!!!

You guys know that I love a bright, colorful rainbow color scheme and I was completely speechless when I first saw the theme of the Epcot's 40th Anniversary collection!!!

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Disney sneaked a few peeks a few weeks ago on their blog, and I was jumping up and down with anticipation.  The collection was finally released online on Epcot's birthday this past Saturday October 1st... and it appears that Eliot and I weren't the only ones waiting.  It this point, mostly everything on Shop Disney has already sold out.

But, I still had to show you the collection... for a few reasons- because I want to, I need a break from Halloween merchandise, and I could use some rainbow-y goodness in my life!  So let's take a peak at all of the things that have dropped online so far!

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Let's start off with this beautiful Epcot 40th Zip Hoodie.  I really love the back!

This Epcot 40th Button Down Shirt is so gorgeous with the rainbow on the bottom!

I thought this Epcot 40th Shirt for Adults was really cute with Figment and the symbols.

I 100% had to have this Epcot 40th Spirit Jersey.  Check out the rainbow back!

Eliot and I both really wanted this Epcot 40th Figment and Spaceship Earth Light Up Figure.  Thankfully, Eliot bought one before it totally sold out!

If you want something a little smaller, there was also an Epcot 40th Spaceship Earth and Figment Ornament.  We didn't get this but hopefully it will be there in January!

Eliot and I both had to get a little Epcot 40th Figment Plush.  He's adorable!

The Epcot 40th Magic Band matches the entire collection.

And the Epcot 40th Sequin Mouse Ears match everything as well!

I love how they finally feature Figment on the Epcot 40th Alex and Ani Bracelet.

Naturally, I also had to get one of the Epcot 40th Loungefly Mini Backpacks.  There's also a matching wallet!  Check out that rainbow stitching on Spaceship Earth!!!

Finally, the products that I'm most excited about are the new Harvey's bags coming tomorrow, Tuesday October 4th to Creations Store and Shop Disney!

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First, we got a sneak peek of this beauty last week.  I could not have dreamt up a more gorgeous tote bag... this is absolutely stunning.  The bright colors, the Epcot pavilion symbols... it's all so magical.  Plus, there's even Figment lining!

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Speaking of Figment, this is the other bag!  It features our favorite purple dragon's plush head and the strap is the same rainbow seatbelt as the tote.  Magnificent!

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I'm definitely getting both of the Harvey's bags and Eliot and I already purchased a few other things that we couldn't live without.  We'll definitely be keeping an eye online to see if there's anything else that's released!  Hopefully, some of it will still be available in store for a bit so everyone can have a little piece of Epcot on it's anniversary year!

Happ40tBirthdaEpcot!!!  °o° 

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