Monday, October 17, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Local Halloween Finds 2022

Halloween season is winding down... and that's probably a good thing because all of the stores are starting to look a bit holly and jolly!  Holidays definitely collide this time of year, but before we move onto Christmas, I've got one last Halloween merchandise post to share with you!  Like last year, I've collected images of the products that Eliot and I have found in our local stores... so let's check it out!

TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods

TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods are all owned by the same company and we have various stores located around us.  This year, I've decided to group them all together because it's easier than trying to remember which location had what!  These stores are the ones that Eliot and I have regularly popped into every few weeks since things started appearing late summer.  From Ellsworth and Bangor back in July, to Biddeford, Portland and Windham, we've been to a bunch and seen a ton of stuff!

The coolest thing that we came across was this Animated Mickey Mouse.  I've never seen him before, even from people online.  He was more expensive than we wanted to pay, but it was really cool to find!  (Maybe he'll be on sale after Halloween!)

They had a few different Halloween and Fall blankets.  I got the Mickey pumpkin one!

As always, they had a large selection of door greeters.

There was also a bunch of kitchen stuff at many of the stores.

They also had Halloween planters.

This Vampire Mickey sign was at a few and perfect for decorating outside.

I really loved the Mickey soap dispenser than these cute snow globes.

One of my favorite finds was this Mickey Pumpkin candleholder!  I looked everywhere for him last year but I never found him.

I was also pretty pumped to find the Mickey Pumpkin mug.

Finally, we also found this year's new Minnie Ghost Mug. (We also found the Mickey Pumpkin cookie jar and the Mickey Mouse decorative pumpkin, but I was so excited to find them that I scooped them up before I could even take a picture of them!)

Christmas Tree Shop

Eliot and I don't go to the Christmas Tree Shop often, but they do occasionally have some great treasures there!  A few weekends ago, I needed to go to Michael's so we popped next door afterwards.  We found a few Halloween kitchen items.

They also had a few Disney Halloween items in their garden section!


Eliot and I also don't go into Burlington that often, but since we were checking a bunch of other stores out, we decided to pop in there as well.  They had a few cool Disney bath sets that would work for both Halloween and fall.

We might have to go back to get this set of towels to go with our Disney fall shower curtain that we bought last year!  They'll be a great match!

Spirit Halloween

I actually haven't been in Spirit Halloween this year, but Eliot popped into the Biddeford store while I was next door at Michaels a few weeks ago.  While there, he took a few photos for me of things he thought were interesting.  First, he got a photo of the Hocus Pocus costume section.  I love the Sanderson Sisters costumes!

They also had a large Hocus Pocus display.

There was also a Haunted Mansion display.  It's exciting to see this outside the parks!

And finally there were a few more Haunted Mansion items on an end cap.


Eliot and I went to a few different Walmarts where we found various items.  I was most surprised to find so much Disney Halloween jewelry from Claire's.

They also had a pretty big display of hair accessories.

I spotted a Disney Halloween cookie kit.

There were also some cute Mickey and Minnie plushies that jumped into our cart. 

They had an assortment of villain inflatables.

There were also some other Disney ones like Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Miguel.

Finally, they also had a few door greeters including the much sought after Sanderson sisters.  (I should note that this years' version were smaller than the original ones!)


We swung by Kohl's once because I heard that they were stocking some Disney stuff in store.  By the time we got there, it was really picked over and Christmas was taking over, but Eliot and I did find this cute little Mickey pumpkin that came home with us!


Finally, Eliot and I went into Lowes a few times this Halloween season.  We first went back in August (right when everything was first put out) to buy the Hitchihiking Ghost door greeters.  Then, a few weeks ago, we bought the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Pop-Up Inflatable and Stitch Inflatable.  Here's what the overall Halloween display looked like.

Here's another closer view of some of the display.  (You can read more about Lowes Halloween items here and the Haunted Mansion collection here.)

That's most of the Halloween merchandise that Eliot and I have found over the past few months!  If you're still looking for some spooky items for this Halloween season, we have seen stuff that's still available!  So don't fret quite yet!  There's still plenty of time to get your creep on before it's time to get holly jolly!  °o°

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