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Magical Merchandise: Haunted Mansion 2022

Happy Monday!  Well, today is a happy and sad one.  It's the last day of our California trip, so I'm sure that I have some mixed emotions.  But, I'm going to enjoy our last few hours at Disneyland as much as possible before we leave the west coast and make our way back home!  Of course, one last day at Disneyland also means that I'll be swinging by my favorite attractions one more time before I say goodbye!

Today, I wanted to dedicate an entire Halloween merchandise post to the Haunted Mansion.  In the past few years, Disney has allowed many more companies to produce merchandise of their theme part IPs.  The result, is a glorious mixed of products that are much easier for the average consumer to get their hands on.  Gone are the days of only seeing Haunted Mansion merchandise and products in the parks.  Nowadays, you can find it at in many stores and online retailers!  I'm getting chills... 

Halloween is always when most of the new Haunted Mansion stuff comes out, so today I thought I'd share some of the stuff that I've come across this year... so far!  (Please note, some of it has already sold out and more might sell out by the time this posts.)

Shop Disney

First up, we have Shop Disney and the Disney Parks.  They released a giant Haunted Mansion collection this year.  Some of the items were really popular and sold out the first day they appeared online, but most of it is still available.  Since there's so much, I've separated it into sections... so let's start off with the clothing!

My favorite new clothing item is this tie dye Spirit Jersey.

There's also this 'A Tomb with a View' shirt.

If you want something a little more dressy, there's a button down shirt.

There is also a new Disney Dress Shop Dress!

This flannel style shirt packs a lot of pattern punch!

I really love these luxurious looking pajama pants.

There's also a Pajama Set for women!

This pullover is perfect for a laid back casual day.

I also like the style of this Madame Leota t-shirt.

Switching gears to accessories, there's a new Alex and Ani of the attic bride.

There's also a Loungefly Backpack!  It sold out but it appears to be back in stock now.

This Loungefly Wallpaper Crossbody was also really popular!

Switching gears again... there was quite a kitchen and dining room collection.

We have a new Haunted Mansion cheese board.

There was also some new glassware items!

If coffee or tea is more your style, there's a new mug.

I absolutely love the detail of this cake stand!

Finally, Shop Disney also debuted a few new home decor items!

We have this tombstone candle.

I love these bookends!

There was also a Madame Leota Pillow.

I also liked this Wallpaper Weighted Blanket.

The Stretching Portraits Pillow was a very popular item as well.

Finally, there were a few items for our furry friends! (Read more about those here.)


Lowes went all in on the Haunted Mansion game.  They had more this year than they ever have in the past.  Eliot and I bought a few new additions a few weeks ago!

I absolutely love this Gargoyle Candelabra.  It makes me want to recreate my own Stretching Portrait Room with these guys lighting the way... 

I like this Demon Clock.  It's pretty good sized too!

You guys know that Eliot and I are complete suckers for inflatables... and this Doom Buggy Inflatable is one of my favorites!  I think our yard needs one!

I also really like this Hitchhiking Ghosts Inflatable!

If you want something for inside, this Tabletop Projection Light is fun!

I think this Snow Globe would look great on the mantel.

The Haunted Mansion Sign looks extra creepy lit-up in blue!

You could also project the sign onto your house using this Projection Light.

I squealed when I saw these Hitchhiking Ghosts Door Greeters.  Eliot and I took a special trip to Lowes to pick them up.  They're small but mighty a-door-able... get it?

Finally, if you see this Madame Leota Tombstone, don't delay in purchasing it.  This was the "it" item this year and the resellers are going out in droves to pick it up.  I'm hoping it will be back again next year since it was so popular this year!

Home Depot

Home Depot also has the Hitchhiking Ghost Inflatable available.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween has a ton of Haunted Mansion items.  There were so many that I couldn't even include all of them... but I picked about 20 of my favorites!  Let's start off with a few things that Eliot and I also found in store last year.  We have this doormat.

We also bought this Light-Up Mantel Scarf.

We saw this Light-Up Wreath in the store, but we decided not to buy it.

We did get a few of these Keychains.

Now, let's check out the new stuff!  First, there's this Bat Chain Sign.

There's also a Coaster Set that comes with a nice box to put them back in.

You can add some creeps to your kitchen with these Dish Towels.

I really like this light up Door Knocker!

Eliot and I have a lot of Window Clings but we don't have Haunted Mansion ones!

I really like this Fleece Blanket and how it includes so many characters on it!

I also really like the style of this new doormat.

Here's a Fred Tombstone.  Between this and the Madame Leota one from Lowes, you could start making your own miniature Haunted Mansion graveyard scene! 

Here's a Graveyard Sign to guide people your graveyard.

If you need some decor for inside, check out this Madame Leota Sign.

There's also this Newspaper Sign that looks like a real newspaper cutting.

These little character Snow Globes would add a little bit of pop to your decor.

This black and white pillow is a little more subtle.

I really love how elegant this Table Runner looks.

I adore this Tabletop Bust!  It looks like it came directly from the mansion!

This Hitchhiking Ghost Gate Tabletop Decoration is really cute too!

I love this Gargoyle Candle Holder.  I really need my own Stretching Portrait Room... 

One of my favorite things was this replica of the Haunted Mansion Sign.

Finally, my favorite item was this Haunted Mansion Lantern.  Each side has a different image of the Stretching Portraits!  This would be a great addition to our decorations!


Hallmark had new Haunted Mansion items too.  They're known for their ornaments, so first we have this Hitchhiking Ghosts Ornament.  It lights up and plays music!

There's also this really cute Cookie Jar!

I absolutely love this Madame Leota Tombstone Bookend!

This Wallpaper Blanket glows in the dark and looks really soft!

Madame Leota really makes the perfect Snow Globe.

I love these adorable Hitchhiking Ghosts Itty Bittys!  I haven't bought any Itty Bittys in a while, but I might need to get these ones!  They glow in the dark too!

The most popular item from Hallmark was this Stretching Portraits Changing Mug.  It's totally sold out online and I'm sure the stores are picked over by now too.

The mug changes when you put hot water in it to reveal the Stretching Portraits!  Cool!


Torrid also added more fashionable Haunted Mansion items to their line up.

This Foolish Mortals Sweatshirt is fun and perfect for cooler fall weather.

This Gargoyle Puff Sleeve Shirt adds a little bit of style and flair to your wardrobe.

This Dearly Departed t-shirt is the perfect casual look.

These Haunted Mansion leggings are casual and comfortable for the parks or home.

I love these cute Tomb Sweet Tomb Pajamas!

The most popular piece was definitely the Green Wallpaper Sweater.  It's long been sold out at this point... but since it was so popular, I'm hoping it will make a return!  I absolutely love mine!  It will be perfect to wear this fall!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has had a lot more Haunted Mansion merchandise the past few years.  They usually have this Gargoyle Candelabra on and off throughout the year.

Another popular item is the light up Demon Clock.

These Haunted Mansion Dice would be perfect for game night!

I love the bright colors in this Journal.

Here's another version of a Madame Leota Snow Globe.

They also added a pack of socks to their line up.

I really love this Loungefly Backpack and it was very popular.

This Loungefly Tote Bag was also really popular this year.

These Stretching Portrait Canvases keep selling out and coming back in stock.

My favorite new find was this Gargoyle Garden Lighting!

Finally, we have these Stretching Portrait Banners that also keep selling out.


Finally, last but certainly not least, Cakeworthy just released their Halloween collection last Friday.  This year, they added a few new items to their Haunted Mansion products.  

Let's start with popular items from previous years that have been re-released.  The most popular was this Wallpaper Sweater that's already sold out again for this year.

I also love this Haunted Mansion Demon Wallpaper Dress!  I pre-ordered this and the sweater so hopefully they will be on their way to me soon!

This Chamber Flannel is another fan favorite.  I've had mine for years and I love it!

There's also a Hitchhiking Ghosts Flannel... which I also have and love.

There are a few new items for this year.  First, we have this All Over Print Shirt.

The next new product is this Haunted Mansion Dress covered in icons from the ride.

Finally, we have this cool Madame Leota Flannel.  I love how it has the tombstone design on the back and glows in the dark!  I think I need to place another order... 

Whew!  And that's everything!  This post was a lot of work... but it was fun!

I hope you have enjoyed these frightful finds!  If you're a foolish mortal looking to put a little bit of thrills and chills into your mansion this spooky season, here's a great place to start!  You're sure to shriek in ghoulish delight!  Now hurry back... hurry back...  °o°

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