Monday, September 5, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Disney Dogs Halloween 2022

Happy Monday Friends!  Today is an extra special day!!!  Not only is it our first full day in California, but it's also Labor Day and Pluto's birthday!!!  (Mickey's dog Pluto, not the former planet.)  We'll be spending the day soaking up the glamour of Hollywood; but I've already pre-scheduled all of my posts for this week, so it's business as usual here on my blog!  I wanted to keep with my Halloween merchandise post theme, so I figured this was the perfect day to feature products made for our four legged furry friends!  

So in honor of Pluto's birthday, here are a few Disney dogs Halloween items I've found!


Shop Disney

We're starting off with Shop Disney.  This year, they had a few new dog costumes in their Halloween collection.  My favorite costume from this year's selection was this adorable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin costume!  (Also pictured above.)

This Woody costume is so cute!

Of course, you can't have Woody without Buzz so here's the Buzz Lightyear costume!

Super cute you are... this Yoda costume is adorable.

Our furry friends are our best sidekicks, so here's the new Zero costume.  This would look really great with couples Jack and Sally costumes for the humans!

This year, they also added a few new pet items to their Haunted Mansion collection.

There's a Madame Leota Dog Bowl.

They also made a rope toy of the singing busts.

Finally, my favorite new Haunted Mansion piece is the Doom Buggy Dog Bed.  And I wasn't the only one... this sold out within hours of it's release online.  I suspect that Disney will probably order more of them (if they're smart!) since it's not specifically for Halloween and the demand for this product is clearly there!


Next, we have BoxLunch.  They have started to carry Disney pet items throughout the year, but they added a few "costume" shirts to their Halloween selection.  My favorite is this Olaf shirt.  I'd love to dress up as Anna or Elsa with a doggo.

Another thing that caught my eye were these Pooh and Tigger shirts.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this adorable Baymax shirt.  Baymax doesn't get enough love, and this would be so cute on a puppy!  (Definitely a 1 with a puppy!)

Finally, this Mickey Pumpkin dog toy was also a surprise.  It's really cute though!

Plus, you could also use it as a decoration.  The back of the Mickey Pumpkin would make a great Thanksgiving decoration without the face.  Hmmm... I might need one!

Pet Smart

Pet Smart had a large Disney Villains collection this year both in store and online.

Photo Source

Here's a better look at all of the Disney Villain dog toys.

They also had a few different dog shirts.  I found Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas and even a Coco dog shirt! 

Finally, they also had villain balls and Jafar and Maleficent dog costumes.


Chewy has become my go to for Disney dog toys.  I've been so impressed with their Halloween and Christmas selections this past year.  This year, I hoped they would bring some of the most popular things back, and they did!  So let's check everything out.  First, we're starting off with the Disney Halloween collar and leash.

Ok, so now for the toys.  And there are a lot!  First, we have these Cruella dog toys.

They also have a set of Maleficent dog toys.

And there are these Ursula dog toys as well!

There are two different sets of Snow White themed dog toys.

I thought this Ursula rope dog toy was a clever use of her tentacles!

There are also these flat disc shaped villain dog toys.

The final villain dog toys are these larger plush figures.

Switching gears... now we're looking at Hocus Pocus items.  I had to start with this dog costume.  It's not really a traditional costume... but it is really cute!

This Hocus Pocus plush dog toys set of the Sanderson sisters is also fun!

I love how they made these Hocus Pocus toys into rope toys for their "brooms".

This last set is my favorite of all of the Hocus Pocus dog toys!!!

There were also a few Star Wars toys.  This Baby Yoda dog toy is super cute!

I also love this Chewbacca dog toy.  Chewy looks so soft and furry!

I also really liked his Toy Story Alien dog toy.  I just love the Aliens!!!

I thought this Hulk dog toy was cute with the ghosts having ropes hanging off of them.

I love this Mickey Cupcake dog toy.  Yum!

The Disney Halloween Donuts dog toy set is also a sweet choice.

This Minnie Witch dog toy is really cute!  I almost want to use her for a decoration!

They have the Mickey Pumpkin dog toy from last year.

They also have the Minnie Pumpkin dog toy from last year.

The last dog toys I found were already sold out... but I had to share them because they were so cute!  Hopefully they'll bring them back next year!

Chewy also had a few dog costumes like this Belle dog costume.

Finally, we're wrapping up our Chewy finds with this cute Eeyore dog costume!

Halloween Costumes

Our last section isn't one that I originally planned on including.  I was having so much fun with all of the dog costumes that it got me looking into more pet costumes.  I've checked out the Halloween Costumes website for Eliot and me, but I never thought to look for pet costumes... and boy did I hit the jackpot!  There were so many!

There were options for a few of the Fab Five.

They also had a few different Toy Story costumes.

They had some princess selections like Ariel.

If you have more than one pup, you could dress one as Ariel and one as Flounder.

I just about squealed with delight when I saw this adorable Nemo costume.

And there's also Dory!!!  (Totally remembering these for our future puppies!)

I saved my favorite costume finds for last.  I really love this Sven and Olaf one!

This Ursula costume is absolutely ridiculous and I'm obsessed with it.

And finally, the one that made me literally laugh out loud... Rafiki holding Simba!

Aren't these Disney dogs Halloween finds pawesome?!?  (Sorry... I had to!)  These are sure to make your furry friend's spooky season magical.  Happy Birthday Pluto!  °o°

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