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Summer 2022 Bucket List Results

With the first day of Fall kicking off yesterday, Summer 2022 is officially fading away into the sunset.  The weather here in Maine definitely feels like fall this past week.  I've seen a few trees with their leaves starting to change.  There's a chill at nighttime and it's cool in the morning.  But the days are still warm and sunny for the most part.  Now that I've squeezed every last second out of summer, I thought it was time to look back at all of the things Eliot and I were able to do.

As you may recall, this year I went a little bit crazy and made 50 goals for my 2022 Summer Bucket List.  I thought about narrowing it down, but everything sounded like so much fun.  I decided to leave it as is and bit off what might possibly be my hardest bucket list challenge yet!  Since I made so many goals, I've decided to keep my results simple so this doesn't turn into a five mile long gigantic results post!

So let's see how I did with my Summer 2022 Bucket List!!!

Summer 2022 Bucket List Results

1.) Go Swimming

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to cross this off the list after we cancelled our Six Flags trip... but, we got to go swimming at our hotel in California so it counts!!!

2.) Make S'mores Over a Fire

We were planning to do this when we went up to Mom and Dad's house in August... then we got COVID and had to cancel that trip.

3.) Watch the Fireworks at Old Orchard Beach

Like usual, most of summer passed by before I even thought of this.  We ended up running out of time and the weather didn't cooperate with us either.

4.) Have a BBQ

We had an indoor BBQ at Mom and Dad's house on the 4th of July.

5.) Eat a Lobster

We were planning to do this when we went up to Mom and Dad's house in August... then we got COVID at the end of July and had to cancel that trip.

6.) Get Ice Cream from Scoop Deck

This was supposed to happen on our wedding anniversary, but Eliot was sick.

7.) Eat Watermelon

Surprisingly, I don't think I actually had any watermelon all summer.

8.) Go to Six Flags New England

We were planning to down to Massachusetts for a weekend in August... then we got COVID at the end of July and had to cancel that trip.

9.) Have a Picnic 

Eliot and I had a wonderful picnic at Thompson's Island this summer.

10.) Spend 4th of July in Bar Harbor

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend in Bar Harbor!

11.) Go the Beach

Eliot and I made time to go to the beach last weekend.  I love watching the waves!

12.) Go to Jordan Pond House for Popovers

We went to the Jordan Pond House twice this summer!  Yum popovers!!!

13.) Watch the Sunset

We got to see a few gorgeous Maine sunsets as well as a California one!

14.) Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Bar Harbor

We were able to play mini golf over Memorial Day weekend!  I guess that's a little before summer "officially" started, but I'm still counting it!

15.) Visit a Lighthouse

Ok... so this is cheap shot but I did visit a little model lighthouse while at the park in Old Orchard Beach.  It's not a real one... but I still counted it.

16.) Get Pier Fries

Last weekend, we finally went to get our Pier Fries from Old Orchard Beach!

17.) Go to the Local Ice Cream Shop 

Eliot and I met up with my cousin Luke, his wife and his daughter for ice cream at our local shop one weekend in late August.  They live one town over from us (about 15 minutes away) so we like to meet up with each other every few months!

18.) Eat a Lobster Roll

I surprisingly did not have a lobster roll this summer either... I gotta get on that!

19.) Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Old Orchard Beach

We made plans to do this last weekend, but by the time we left our house, they had already closed since they are in their fall hours now.  Sad face.

20.) Build a Sandcastle

It's another cheap one, but I made a sandcastle mound at the beach last weekend.

21.) Go to the Yankee Candle Village Store

We were planning to down to Massachusetts for a weekend in August... then we got COVID at the end of July and had to cancel that trip.

22.) Play Mini Golf Somewhere New

Eliot and I had our sights on a few new mini golf courses to play this summer, but none of them ended up working out.  Maybe we'll go to one this fall... 

23.) Go Stargazing

We didn't really "go" stargazing anywhere, but I did go out in our front yard to stare at the stars and constellations.  The stars are so beautiful from our house.

24.) Decorate and Paint Mailbox

I wanted to paint the mailbox post, decorate the mail box with our names, make a brick base and plant flowers around it... but that will have to wait until next year.

25.) Pick Berries

I wanted to go strawberry picking... but I'm going to have to plan for it in advance.

26.) Have a Water Balloon Fight

Eliot and I bought some water balloons while up visiting my parents one weekend.  We just never got a chance to use them before the weather got cooler.

27.) Play Frisbee

Eliot and I did buy a frisbee.  Unfortunately, me having the lung capacity to play sports after having COVID was not happening.  But thankfully, I am fully recovered now.

28.) Go to a Baseball Game

We definitely achieved this; we went to three Portland Sea Dogs games this summer!

29.) Decorate Porch for 4th of July

I didn't decorate it as much as I wanted to, but I did change our blinking Christmas Lights and we put out a red, white and blue Mickey doormat. 

30.) Play in the Sprinklers

Eliot and I played at the sprinkler at Mom and Dad's house this summer.

31.) Go Camping

We didn't go camping... although it occurred to me after making this goal that I have no idea where our tent or sleeping bags are.  (And we might need a new tent anyways.)

32.) Tie Dye Shirts or Other Clothing

I had big plans... but I didn't know if I had enough stuff to dye and I didn't want to waste it.  I'll make a few more ideas this winter and see what I can do for next year!

33.) Make Popsicles

We need to make more room in our freezer... than watch out!  I love popsicles!

34.) Play Beach Volleyball

Unfortunately, me having the lung capacity to play sports after having COVID was not happening.  But thankfully, I am fully recovered now.

35.) Make/Wear Friendship Bracelets or Anklets

I bought some embroidery floss last weekend and I planned to make myself an anklet in our wedding colors... then everything went to crap with Eliot being sick and I didn't bother.  Maybe I'll still make one to wear this fall though.

36.) Go on a Hike

Eliot and I hiked around Jordan Pond over the 4th of July with Jeremy.  It was beautiful!

37.) Make Ice Cream

We didn't get to do this... I'll have to find some recipes for next year!

38.) Go to a Drive In Movie

We had every intention to do this, but our local drive in closed.  They were supposed to re-open across the street, but that didn't work out in time for this summer season.

39.) Do a Summer Craft

I had a few ideas for summer crafts but I never ended up making them.

40.) Play with Remote Control Cars

I thought this was an easy goal, but the remote control car I thought Eliot had wasn't actually working at the moment... we'll have to get some for next summer!

41.) Go to a Farmers Market

It's so lame that we didn't do this.  We have a farm not far from our house that sells tons of things.  We've never been, but maybe we'll check it out this fall... 

42.) Make Milkshakes

I really wanted to try out my new blenders... but we still haven't had a chance.

43.) Paint Rocks for a Rock Garden

You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find good rocks to paint.  I assumed this would be easy, but it wasn't.  But I did find some large smoothed out rocks on Amazon that are used for painting... maybe I'll get some of those for next year.

44.) Play Tennis

Unfortunately, me having the lung capacity to play sports after having COVID was not happening.  But thankfully, I am fully recovered now.

45.) Plan Sharks Games to go to Next Season

We definitely did this!  Ahh, I'm so excited!  I can't wait for hockey season to begin!!!

46.) Go to a Water Park

We were planning to go to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in August... then we got COVID at the end of July and had to cancel that trip.

47.) Watch the Sunrise

I didn't go somewhere to formally watch the sun rise, but I woke up pretty early many mornings and was able to see the sunrise through the trees in our backyard.  Some of the pastel colors were absolutely stunning.

48.) Make an Outdoor Art Project

I didn't get to do this... although I didn't have any good ideas for it either.  I'll have to get to work thinking of some good outdoor art projects for next year!

49.) Play Basketball

Unfortunately, me having the lung capacity to play sports after having COVID was not happening.  But thankfully, I am fully recovered now.

50.) Prepare for Disneyland and WDW Trips

Eliot and I definitely did this!  Our Disneyland trip went wonderfully.  We cancelled our September WDW trip which was what I had been referring to... but our January 2023 trip is going to be extra amazing to make up for the cancelled September trip!

And that's not all... I've been holding out on you guys a little bit.  I told you about my goals for my 2022 Summer Bucket List.  What I didn't tell you was that after I released my summer bucket list post, I went back and decided to add a few more things to it.  I was organizing my goals and I realized that I did not move some of my Spring Bucket List goals over to the summer list like I had planned to.  Thus, I decided to quietly add another section of 10 goals from my spring list that I wanted to try to do this summer.  

So let's check out what I was able to accomplish this summer from my spring list!

10 Bonus Goals From My Spring 2022 Bucket List

1.) Read a Book

I am so proud of accomplishing this goal in particular.  I've wanted to find time to read for ages now... and I finally sat down and read one!  Actually, I pretty much devoured it in a couple of days because I was completely hooked.  I read one of my Disney books that I got for Christmas last year, If the Shoe Fits, a modern take on a Cinderella story!

2.) Fly a Kite

Eliot and I didn't get a chance to fly one of our kites.  I'm not sure if he's ever flown a kite before, so we'll definitely have to do it sometime!

3.) Blow Bubbles

Eliot and I had more fun with our bubble gun than I am willing to admit.  My favorite highlight... blowing bubbles out of the car window while passing Bubbles Mountain in Acadia National Park while on the way to the Jordan Pond House over 4th of July.

4.) Bake Something

I was able to bake a few times.  Originally, I wanted to make a boxed cake or brownies, but chocolate chip cookies from pre-mixed dough were more my speed right now.

5.) Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I wasn't able to make chocolate covered strawberries... although I was actually going to do it earlier this week.  Eliot and I bought supplies to make them last weekend, and then he came home early on Monday and surprised me with a giant platter of them from Edible Arrangements for our anniversary on Tuesday.  (Which also explains why he was trying to talk me out of buying strawberries and bananas at the grocery store...)

6.) Have a Game Night

We didn't have a game night, but I'm sure we'll make up for it this fall and winter.

7.) Manicure

I had plans to do this and then I just never had the time to sit down and do them.

8.) Visit a Garden

Eliot and I visited the Wild Gardens of Acadia this summer.

9.) Go Outside More

I did spend a lot more time outside... even if it wasn't at our house.

10.) Draw Something with Sidewalk Chalk

I had plans to do this, but summer slipped away... maybe next year!

I'm glad that I was able to do a few things from my Spring Bucket List.  Finally, Eliot and I squeezed in a few things not on my bucket list!  (Both good and bad.)

Fun Things Not On My Bucket List

Go to Backstreet Boys Concert

Eliot and I had so much fun at the Backstreet Boys Concert this summer!


Eliot and I both testing positive for COVID was definitely not in our plans, and definitely not fun.  But we made the most of staying home for a week.

Watched All Five POTC Movies

The benefit to staying home during COVID, we finally got to re-watch all five of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies... something we've been wanting to do for a while now.  I never imagined that we'd actually find time to do it marathon style over a few days... but I guess that's the silver lining to being quarantined at home for a week!

See One of my WIT Girlfriends

The last weekend of August, one of my best friends from Wentworth came up to Maine for a weekend getaway with her husband.  Eliot and I met up with Stacy and Rob in Kennebunkport at Batson River, a small bar and pub right downtown and we had a wonderful time visiting and catching up with them!

While I didn't get everything completed on my summer list, it ended up better than I was expecting it to.  Getting COVID was definitely not in the plan and it put us quite a bit behind in both of our businesses.  Our weekend excursions were basically nixed after that.  We also cancelled our trip to Six Flags as well as one more trip home to Trenton.  We definitely would have crossed more things off the list if we had been able to do those.  Still, I'm really happy with the results considering the circumstances!  

Thank You Summer of 202for the wonderful memories !!! °o° 

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