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Magical Merchandise: Hocus Pocus 2022

It's been 29 years since Hocus Pocus first flew into our lives.  Over the years, it has become a much loved classic to watch at Halloween time.  Unfortunately for Disney, they've only realized the potential income stream from it over the past few years... but my how things have changed.  You used to never find things for Hocus Pocus, and now you can find it everywhere this time of year!

With the new sequel coming out on Disney+ in about a week and a half, Hocus Pocus fever is probably at an all time high.  I knew there would be so much merchandise for it that it would also need it's own post.  And this probably isn't even everything.  (After looking at 12 different stores... I called it good.)  So let's check out what I found!


I wasn't planning to check Kohl's, but when I did a general search for Hocus Pocus merchandise to make sure I didn't miss anything big, this blanket popped up.

They also had this set of kitchen towels.


Lowe's is sold out of inflatables, but this is the design they had this year.

Home Depot

Home Depot had this Winnie Pumpkin inflatable.

They also had this variation of the Sanderson Sisters inflatable.


If you're feeling creative, Target has a Winnie Pumpkin Push In Kit.

I was surprised to find that they also had a Hocus Pocus Cross-Stitch Kit!

If chilling and watching tv is more your speed, there's a Binx Sculpted Mug.

They also had this Sanderson Sisters Cauldron Mug.

I found a bunch of books as well.  Here's a 13 Frights of Halloween Countdown.

They also had a "Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus" unofficial coloring book.

Finally, there was also this Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook!

Shop Disney

Keeping with our book theme, Shop Disney carries a bunch of books as well.  Here's the sequel book that I bought a few years ago.  (I need to read it this fall!)

Here's the official Hocus Pocus coloring book.

They also had this spell book.

This year's mug set was one of those mugs that changes when you add hot liquid to it.

They also had the Hocus Pocus Game.

This year, they made a Christmas ornament as well.

This Binx plush is really cute!

My favorite item from Shop Disney this year were the Sanderson Sisters Plush.


As I mentioned back in August, Torrid has a bunch of Hocus Pocus items.  They have this cute Binx sweater.

This Sanderson Sisters Apothecary t-shirt already sold out; it was really popular!

They have a Hocus Pocus icon cami tank top.

There was also a Billy Butcherson t-shirt.

They also have a Hocus Pocus top.

Ok, I honestly think these boy short underwear are kind of creepy.

They recently added this velvet and lace dress.  I think it's supposed to be for Winnie.

Finally, my favorite item was this Winnie Sanderson cape.  (I have last year's version of it and I think it's pretty much the same.)

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween had a ton of stuff and I couldn't put it all on here.  I've picked out about 25 of my favorite things instead... first, we have this Billy Butcherson Funko Pop.

They also had the Dani Funko Pop...

and this Sanderson Sisters Funko Pop.

I also liked this Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon.

If adult beverages are your potion of choice, there's a stemless wine glass.

I'm a sucker for these silly Gel Window Clings.

Eliot and I also love these little keychains... but I hate how they're blind bags!

These potion bottles would be cute decorations.

These door panels would look great on either side of our front door!

I really like this funny doormat!

If you need some wall decor, they have tons of it!  Here's a sign that I liked.

I also liked this ladder sign with all of the locations in the film.

There's also this life potion hanging canvas banner.

I liked this light-up black flame candle canvas as well.

This light-up lace panel would look great over the back door to our deck.

I also like how this light-up LED mantel scarf matches it.

There's also a round tablecloth if you like to match your decor!

If you need outdoor decor, you could use this full size Billy Butcherson Tombstone.

They also had a lot of nicer items to display like this smaller Billy Butcherson Tabletop Tombstone.  We bought this last year and it's really nice, heavy and sturdy!

This year, they also have a Emily Binx Tabletop Tombstone.

There's also this new Winifred Statue.

I also liked this Binx Statue.

Here's a tabletop cauldron if you need a place to store your candy.

They also had a candle holder with a broom, mop and vacuum on it.

Finally, they had this tea light candle holder set.


I was surprised that Hallmark had a few items.  They had this insulated tumbler.

They also had a stemless wine glass.

There was also a decorative tea towel.

I love these little Itty Bitty Sanderson Sisters plush.

But my favorite item was this battery operated Black Flame Candle!


BoxLunch also had some new Hocus Pocus items this year.  First up, this beanie hat.

If you're looking for more accessories, they also had this pack of earrings.

If you want house wears, they had a cauldron candle.

If you need to get organized, there's a cosmetic bag set.

There are oven mitts for the kitchen.

They also had this decorative sign.

They have a tarot deck.

They're also carrying the once illusive Winnie door greeter.

My favorite items were this Hocus Pocus mini backpack... 

... and the matching card holder!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic had a bunch of stuff this year.  One of the most popular items was actually this little Hocus Pocus cauldron candy jar.

If you like socks, there are plenty to pick from.  Let's start with these character socks.

They also have these cute costume socks.  I love these ones!

Finally, there's also a set of quote socks.

They have some Sanderson sisters costumes and matching wigs.

Her Universe had another collection for them as well.  They released this icons dress.

There was also a Hocus Pocus icons button up shirt.

They also made a Max tie dye shirt like he wears in the movie.

This year's version of the Dani Sweater has fringe added to the bottom of it.

I loved these costume outfits that are more subtle.  Here's the Mary shirt.

I love the corset and "skirt" details on Sarah top.

Finally, they also have a Winnie Cape that's embroidered similarly to hers in the movie!


Cakeworthy always has great Hocus Pocus designs.  This year, they brought back their three popular Sanderson sisters flannels.  

First, we have the Mary Flannel.

They also brought back the Sarah Flannel.

Finally, the very popular Winnie Flannel made a reappearance as well.

This year, they also introduced the new Dani Flannel.

They also came out with a Hocus Pocus Book Purse.

And finally, they made a Hocus Pocus Denim Jacket!


Finally, last but certainly not least, we have the Loungefly Hocus Pocus line up!  They had two exclusives available this year.  First was the Billy Butcherson Backpack.

The second was the matching Billy Butcherson Loungefly Exclusive Wallet.

There were also quite a few Binx and black cat themed items after last year's exclusive Binx backpack was a huge hit.  Here's the new Black Cat Curse Shirt.

They also released this adorable Dani and Binx Backpack.  I want one!  Binx pops up out of the pumpkin and it's super cute!  Plus, there's a matching wallet!

They also made a new version of the Binx Backpack.

This year, they also created a Binx Crossbody.

They made an Emily Binx Tombstone Backpack.

Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly also released this Sanderson Sister Dress.

The dress has so many cool details!  My favorite part is that the collar around the neck looks like Binx!  And there you have it!  The 2022 Hocus Pocus merchandise I found!

Whew... that was a lot!  Not gonna lie, I'm glad that I'm done with this one!  There's a lot of stuff and putting it all together was a lot of work!  If you're looking to get into the sinister spirit like the Sanderson sisters... these websites are a great place to start!  °o°

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