Monday, August 22, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Torrid Disney Halloween 2022

So, I'm basically in full Halloween mode now.  I was trying to hold off and enjoy the last little bit of summer, and I still am.  But, I'm also fully embracing all things spooky.  Eliot and I went searching for more Halloween treasures over the weekend, and we found the mother-load between Lowes and Marshall's.  Now, I've got 'Boo to You' stuck in my head on repeat and I'm not even mad about it!

Today, we're continuing with our spooky merchandise treats with some new finds from Torrid.  I know they aren't done since there's still one more piece in the sneak peek email that's missing from their website, but I had to pop in to show you the fun stuff that I've found so far.  There are so many sweet treats!

Plus, they have been running a 50% off everything sale (that ends tonight) and I was able to seriously cash in last week.  They hardly ever discount Disney items, especially not ones that have just been added to the website!  Thankfully, my gut told me to wait on my Halloween purchases... and because I did, I was able to use my $100 of Torrid rewards on much more since it was all 50% off!  And boy, did I make out like a bandit! 

So let's check out what Disney Halloween items I've found from Torrid so far!

Mickey and Friends Halloween

First, we have a Goofy Frankenstein shirt.  It's cute, but I didn't absolutely need it.

These Mickey Pumpkin Leggings are cute, but I'm not a fan of the design on the knee.

I tend to stick to more sweet than spooky and skeletal, but if that's more your jam, then this Mickey Sweatshirt is a cute option!  I like the contrasting red hood tie.

If you like t-shirt dresses, this Mummy Stitch T-Shirt Dress is for you!

I like this Mickey and Minnie Crew Neck, but I didn't absolutely need it.  Although, if it goes on sale after Halloween for a good deal, I might swing by to grab one!

The other reason I don't need the crew neck is that I already have these matching Mickey and Minnie Leggings from last year!  They brought them back this year!

Speaking of things coming back again, this Mickey Pumpkin Top was one of my favorite pieces from last year.  It's really cute and comfortable!

This year's new shirt is this Pixar Pumpkin Shirt.  I flipped when I saw it.  I definitely needed this.  I love Pixar movies and this shirt is so cute.... and comfortable!

I also had to get this Winnie the Pooh Sweater.  It's an actual knitted sweater that has a good weight to it.  It's not too heavy, but it will keep me warm on a cool fall night.

I've saved my favorite for last!  You guys know how much I love candy corn.  Naturally, I completely freaked out when I first saw this Candy Corn Sweater!!!

And it gets better... it has Minnie Mouse as a Candy Corn Witch on the back!  It's also the same graphics as my Baublebar earrings from last year, still available this year... Is that not completely perfect or what?!?  This was automatically an 'add to cart' item.

Plus, it's incredibly soft and it fits me like a glove.  I absolutely love this so much!!!

Nightmare Before Christmas

This Jack Skellington Dress is cute and spooky.

They also added some Nightmare Before Christmas Underwear to the collection.

These Sally Bike Shorts are perfect if you want a comfortable and casual look.

If you want something a little dressier, you could wear this Sally Dress!

Finally, I absolutely love this Jack Skellington Suit.  The jacket and leggings are sold separately so you can dress it up or down as much as you want.  I didn't buy it, but I do really like it.  And apparently a lot of other people did too!  The jacket is already sold out... so it might be the next piece to make a return next year!

Disney Costumes

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up in costume!  This Belle dress was the first thing that popped out at me weeks ago when I got my first email about Torrid's 2022 Halloween collection.  It finally showed up on the website the other day!  I have a dress similar to this, but this is really cute too!

If you're into something less princess-y, this Darth Vader romper is fierce and feminine.

I had to get this Incredibles dress.  It's so stretchy and comfortable and it looks great on me!  Plus, it's perfect for Halloween or a day at the parks!

Ok, this isn't Disney but I'm sneaking in this Harry Potter dress anyways.  I bought it last week and it looks and fits amazing!!!  I might have to wear it at the "other" park.

Clearly, someone has a shopping problem because I also got this Ursula dress!  (I have had a lot of awesome coupons though... so I didn't pay full price for any of it!)

Finally, I had to save my two favorite costume dresses for last.  I love Monsters Inc and I needed this Mike Wazowski dress.  They dropped back at the end of July and they were quick sellers.  I'm so glad that I got them both before they sold out!

There was also this Sulley dress!  This one sold out so quickly.  I was jumping up and down when I got my shipping notification email because I was afraid that they'd cancel the order since it sold out so fast!  They are both so cute and comfortable!

Haunted Mansion and Hocus Pocus

I'm not going to get into this too much because I have some other plans for posts on these subjects.  But if you're a Haunted Mansion or Hocus Pocus fan, you might want to check Torrid out before everything sells out.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this sneak peek- which is also the newest addition to my Haunted Mansion wardrobe!

As you can see, there is quite a bit of spooky treats this year at Torrid!  I think they're totally killing it and I'm so happy!  I hope all of the Disney Halloween merchandise goes over well so they continue to knock it out of the park next year, and the year after...  °o°

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