Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Summer Wind Down

Summer is winding down and we're heading into fall.  The signs are all here.  I have already spotted a few stray leaves on the ground.  The nights are getting colder and sun is setting a lot earlier.  I even wore leggings when Eliot and I went out to meet up with some friends Saturday night in Kennebunkport.

Today, I had every intention of doing my 2022 Summer Bucket List results post.  But after this weekend, my gut told me to hold off.  I kept looking at some of the stuff that I wasn't able to cross off of my list... and a lot of those goals are things we plan to do in the coming weeks.  And it just wasn't sitting well with me.

Technically, we still have another three weeks until it's officially fall...

I was willing to forgo those extra three weeks of "summer" since our trip to California was taking up a good chunk of that time.  I had fully prepared to switch gears a little earlier than usual, to say goodbye to summer and move on to fall.  But what I wasn't ready to do was give up on my summer bucket list.

So, I'm going to run with it.  I'm going to keep pushing to complete more of my Summer Bucket List.  It's technically still summer until fall starts on September 22nd.  That gives us one more full weekend after we get back from California.  And since that's also the weekend that Eliot and I were originally supposed to be traveling down to Walt Disney World to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary... I plan to make it count.

Sure, right now my thoughts are shifting to our California trip, the 2022 D23 Expo, and Disneyland.  And when we get home to Maine, I'm sure it's going to feel like fall.  But... it's still technically the summer season for a little bit longer, and Eliot and I are going to get as many of those things crossed off as possible.  °o° 

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