Saturday, August 27, 2022

California Prep- Things Coming Together

Only 8 more days until we leave for California!!!  A week from today, we'll be doing any necessary last minute preparations before we officially head off on vacation!

We have been busy the past few weeks getting everything finalized.  Last weekend, Eliot and I worked out our D23 session registrations.  We find out what ones we each got selected for in a few days.  Then, we'll work out a game plan based off those.

I've been hard at work looking into a few fun things to do on the days we aren't going into the parks.  We have about a day and a half where we aren't going to Disneyland or the D23 Expo, so I've been trying to get that all sorted out!  I'd tell you more, but some of it is going to be a surprise for my parents, so mum's the word!

I've also gone over the rest of our itinerary with a fine tooth comb.  I've got all of our plans, flights, reservations, confirmation numbers, etc. written down in a note on my laptop.  I've organized emails and gotten everything all together.  It's a lot of stuff to keep track of for five people, but we should be good to go!!!

Now, I'm shifting my gears towards some of the less "important" stuff.  It's still important to me, but it's not as critical as everything else we've had to get organized.

I'm working on finalizing my bucket lists for Disneyland, the D23 Expo and California.

Eliot and I are also trying to get any last minute supplies together.  We already got cooling new towels, neck fans, wireless headphones (for me), reusable straws, and more that we've been trying to gather.  We're also planning to go shopping for any toiletries, gum and snacks that we might need sometime next week!

I desperately need to get my hair cut.  It's longer than it probably ever has been in my entire life, and that's probably because I haven't cut it in over two years.  The last time I had a haircut was when Elissa and I went to JCPenney in July of 2020!  Yikes!

Most importantly, we finally know where Nana is going to be staying.  I alluded to some behind the scenes things going on when I posted two weeks ago.  It was basically that we were unsure of where my Nana was going to be during this trip.  We thought we had something all set up with the place she went one other time when Mom was in the hospital, but that didn't work out.  My Mom had an incredibly stressful 2+ weeks trying to find a nursing home that would take her for a few days of respite.  Thankfully, things came together last week and we secured Nana a spot at a facility... and it's in Portland; so Eliot and I will even be able to visit her before we leave on our trip!

Yes, it finally feels like everything is coming together!  And I'm so relieved!  Now, I can try to focus on getting the rest of these Etsy orders finished and packing for our trip!

Ahh!  I'm getting so excited for this trip!  I can definitely tell that my brain is ready to check out.  I've found it increasingly difficult to focus on working.  It's been a while since Eliot and I took a break from our businesses... and I'm clearly in need of a little bit of time away from them.  Of course, trips to Disney usually give me ideas, so it's not really a complete break, but I enjoy the creative energy that the parks generate.  This trip will be a great chance to kick back, have some fun and recharge!!!  °o°

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