Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Top 10 Things To Show My Parents at Disneyland

I will be at Disneyland in two weeks and I can barely contain my excitement!  The thing that I'm looking forward to most during this trip is showing my parents things that they have never seen or the things that are different from Walt Disney World.  People who have been to both parks can tell you that there are so many differences!

I haven't officially started making my bucket lists... but let's be real, I've been mentally listing things off ever since I found out both Mom and Dad were coming to California with us!  I seriously can't wait.  So to help with all of the thoughts bouncing around my head, today I thought I'd write up a quick top 10 post to get the process started!

The Top 10 Things I Want to Show My Parents at Disneyland

10.) Critter Country- Ok, so this isn't the most exciting thing.  There are two rides (Splash Mountain and Winnie the Pooh) a restaurant and two stores that make up the entire land.  But it's cute, and it's different from Walt Disney World.  Plus, Tigger tails!

9.) Pixar Pier- This is different from anything at Walt Disney World too.  I'm excited to show them the Pixar Pal Around (Ferris wheel) and how pretty it is lit up at night!

8.) Cars Land- I am really excited to show them Cars Land and how immersive it is... although I'm not sure if Mom and Dad have seen Cars, so how cool it is might get lost on them!  I'm sure Daddy will love Radiator Springs Racers regardless though!

7.) Avengers Campus- This is also pretty cool, and it's still new to us as well.  Jeremy is also going to flip since he hasn't seen this part of the park yet and he loves Marvel!

6.) Star Wars Land- I can't wait for Daddy to see this.  Jeremy and I went to Hollywood Studios, so he has seen it there.  But Jeremy and I never went on any of the rides during our visits.  We're trying to convince Mom to go on Rise of the Resistance with us... Dad and Jeremy are going to freak out about how cool it is!

5.) New Orleans Square- This will remind them of the French Quarter part of Port Orleans Resort, but that's about where the resemblance stops.  There are so many great things to show them in New Orleans Square... the things that pop out to me first are Mickey beignets, the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I can't wait for them to see the Disneyland versions of some of our favorite rides!!!

4.) World of Color- This is totally new to them and I'm so excited that they'll finally see it after years of me raving how awesome the show is!

3.) It's A Small World- This is the only attraction that gets it's own number.  While I love Disneyland's versions of the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, it's Small World that completely has my heart.  The addition of the Disney characters as dolls in the rides makes this the clear winner.  I can't wait for my Mom and Dad to see it.  I've already pictured Mom's face lighting up and Daddy trying to find all of the dolls.

2.) Walt's Apartment- I can't wait to show them Walt's light in the window.  It's very sentimental to me and I'm excited to share that with them.

1.) Sleeping Beauty Castle- Last, but certainly not least, I obviously can't wait to show them the castle!  I admit, the first time I saw it, I was disappointed by how small it was... even though I was warned.  But over the years, it's grown on me.  It means so much more that it's size implies.  It's a symbol of how the magic all began all of those years ago.  I can't wait to add another family picture to my collection of castle photos!

And there you have it!  The beginnings of my bucket list for this upcoming trip.  There are still so many things to add to it... but this was a good overview and start to it!

Ahh, I can barely wait!!!  We'll see you in two weeks Mickey!!!  °o°

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