Thursday, August 4, 2022

One Month Until We Leave for CA

I'm injecting some positivity into my life today as we're looking at what's ahead of us!  

This past week has been a blur of sickness and COVID craziness... and now that Eliot and I are both finally out of quarantine and on the mend, I thought it was time to look ahead at something that I'm really looking forward to... our trip to California!!!

One month from today, Eliot and I will join my brother Jeremy and my parents for our family trip out to California for the D23 Expo and Disneyland!  We're also planning to take my family to Hollywood and we might have a few other things up our sleeves!

It's going to be so much fun!  Mom has never been to California... she hasn't even flown since she was in college on her first flight.  Dad and Jeremy have both been to California, but Dad's never been to Hollywood or Disneyland.  And Jeremy's been to the Disneyland Resort (with me back in 2017) but he's never been to Hollywood!  So everyone in the family is doing something new.  Plus, there's a few things we're trying to schedule that Eliot and I haven't done before either!  Yay for new experiences!!!

It's sure to be a whirlwind trip and I can't believe that it's only a month away!  This is another reason that I'm super glad Eliot and I got sick when we did.  I would have been devastated if we'd gotten sick right before our trip.  Better to get it over with now so we have time to rest and recover before the next adventure!!!

So cheers for exciting things in our future!  Bring on that horizon!!!  °o°

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