Monday, August 8, 2022

Magical Merchandise: 2022 Halloween Village Additions

I know it's only August, but Halloween is already in full swing at Disney parks!  The first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is this Friday, August 12th!  That also means that Halloween products are popping up all over the place.  So I'm starting my spooky merchandise posts early to make sure there's plenty of time to fit everything in!

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As you all know, I'm obsessed with the decorative villages by Department 56.  My personal weakness are the Disney and holiday themed villages.  Last year, I first told you about two magical new villages they released for the Halloween season, Mickey's Pumpkintown and the Haunted Mansion Village.  This year, they've added a few new pieces to the collection and I wanted to share those with you today!

I was so excited when I discovered they added three new pieces to the adorable Mickey's Pumpkintown village set.  This set is so cute and I'm obsessed with how charming it is!  This year, they released another building called the Haunted Manor.

There's also a candy corn tree called the Manor tree.  I love these!  I definitely need at least two of them... although I'm tempted to get a few extras to sprinkle around in our other decor.  You know how much I love anything candy corn!  The Mickey pumpkins are a super cute addition to them and are literally like little cherries on top!

Finally, there's a new character piece of Goofy dressed up as a mummy handing out candy to Mickey's two nephews who appear to be a pirate and a dinosaur.

I was so surprised when they first released the Haunted Mansion Village.  It was so refreshing to see Disney Theme Park merchandise available outside of the parks!  This set is stunning and it's perfect for Halloween, as well as year round for foolish mortals!

I was excited to find they added two new pieces to the Haunted Mansion Village set this year.  The first is a gorgeous Haunted Mansion gate.  The intricate detail on the iron gate is incredible!  I absolutely love this; it even includes the sign from the park!

The second addition to the collection are the iconic singing busts from the graveyard scene.  These are so clever to add because they're characters in the mansion as well as decor.  I hope they continue to add more characters and items from the mansion!

I love these new additions to last year's spooky village sets.  Eliot and I haven't ordered them yet, but we will most definitely be adding them to our village collections!  If you'd like to order them for yourself, you can still find them on the Department 56 website as well as a few small shops that carry their product line!  Stay spooky friends!!!  °o°

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