Thursday, August 25, 2022

#tbt My Bridal Shower

Exactly 10 years ago, we celebrated Eliot's and my upcoming wedding with my bridal shower!  Last week, I showed you some of the preparations for it, but since it was on August 25th, and today is Throwback Thursday, I knew that I needed to go more in depth about the actual event today.  So let's travel back in time 10 years ago today... 

Saturday, August 25th was a beautiful summer day here in Maine.  We were grateful for the great weather so we could have my bridal shower out on the deck.  My parents' house has a huge deck that Dad built, so there was plenty of room to put everyone!  I remember being so excited about it, because a few of the people coming to my bridal shower weren't able to go down to Florida for our Disney Wedding.

That morning, Eliot, Katie D. and I got to work getting the final decorations set up and hung.  Eliot got on the ladder to hang some of the giant cupcake pinatas from the big tree.  We also set up all of the stuff for everyone to sign and all of the food.

I don't remember much of the actual party, but I remember parts of it.  I recall everyone doing the questionnaire that Katie and I had prepared.  I remember Elissa Skyping with us since none of Eliot's family were able to make the trip from California but she still really wanted to be part of it.  I also remember sitting on the deck opening all of my presents.  (There were lots of pink and lime ones to match our wedding colors!)

While I can't recall everything from it, I have a lot of great photos that always make me smile!  I thought that I'd share some of those with you today!

BJ and Katie N. were some of the first people to arrive.  Eliot and BJ were going to go spend the afternoon together during my shower.  

Naturally, they were being mischievous before they left on their adventure...  BJ even stole my crown for a quick photo!  Look good BJ!

There were cupcakes and ice cream decorations everywhere!

I used cupcake liners and handmade ice creams as hanging decor.

Mom hung up one of Elissa's bat mitzvah Mickey towels on the deck door.  Then on the other side, I hung photos from our wedding planning trip to Walt Disney World that April.  (Side note, I didn't even remember this... I'll have to hunt these photos down because I don't think I have them.  They might be hard copies that my Mom has!)

I loved the hanging outdoor decorations!!!  Lanterns and poofs and cupcakes, oh my!

My party favor bags even coordinated with the overall bridal shower colors!

We also had these homemade ice cream bath favors that I made.  The bottom "cone" part is brown sugar and body wash, and the "ice cream" top is a little shower puff!

Katie was in charge of the candy bar and it did not disappoint!  Yum!!!

My favorite part was the little wedding M&Ms!

I set up the signing table with a few things for party guests to sign.

This handmade bridal shower plate was my pride and joy.  I worked really hard on it and I was so excited about it!  You basically draw on a plate with Sharpies and then you bake it to set the marker.  I don't ever plan on using it since it's a great keepsake!

I was really happy with how all of the little details came out.  These aren't great photos since they're from a digital camera ten years ago... but you get the idea.  I think the Mickey Mouse cherries at the corners of the plate are my favorite part!

I also decorated a few scrapbook pages for people to leave a longer message.

Of course, you can't have a cupcake and ice cream themed party without having some food.  The spread was quite delicious!  And I was so excited to use my special ice cream sundae topper bowl.  It was a cute centerpiece and practical!

We found a Disney Princess cupcake stand for the "ice cream sundae" cupcakes.  I think Katie D was the one who made the cupcakes...

Speaking of my maid of honor, Katie was a rock star helping my Mom plan this entire thing!  Once I got into my dress, she and I got a quick photo before everyone arrived!

I was showered in so many gifts from everyone!  They took over the futon!

The silliest part of the day was the toilet paper bride game.  Everyone was split into three groups to make a wedding gown, veil and flowers... my Aunt Janie, cousin Kaitlin and Aunt Jeri were the good sports about getting all dressed up in toilet paper!

I also had a special moment with Katilin's son Emery when we gave him his party favor gift.  He was our ring bearer- even though he was only 20 months old at the time and a bit young for it.  Eliot and I had bought him a little Mickey plush so he'd have something to play with before our wedding.  (Eliot and I knew we were having Mickey come to our wedding reception and we didn't want Emery to be afraid of him and Minnie Mouse!)

Finally, we had to take a photo with me and all of my party guests! (If you look closely, you can even see Elissa on my laptop!)  Thankfully, we let Daddy stay for the party, so he was able to take it for us!  Plus, even though he's not in these photos, he was there for my entire bridal shower, and I think Papa was too!  I'm so grateful to all of these women for coming to spend time with me before our big day!

As you can see, my bridal shower was pretty "sweet"... get it?  (hehe.)  But in all seriousness, I had a wonderful day and it was a blessing to be surrounded by women who mean so much to me.  Thank you to everyone who made it special for me!!!  °o°

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