Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Summer 2022 Bucket List

Now that we've officially kicked off summer, I wanted to get a head start on my summer bucket list goals.  I've been working on this list for a few weeks now in anticipation of sweet, sweet summertime!!!  And this list certainly sounds like summer to me!  

I admit, this list got a bit out of hand.  The first twenty-two goals are the original 22 goals that I came up with for Summer of 2022.  (I did 21 last summer for 2021.)  A lot of those were also on last year's list so I tried to come up with new ones to add.  Then, I just kept having more ideas and they wouldn't stop.  Before I knew it, I found myself on a mission to get to 50 goals... and I certainly did.  

Fifty is a lot... but I've decided to run with it anyways!  So let's check it out!

Melissa's Summer 2022 Bucket List

  1. Go Swimming
  2. Make S'mores Over a Fire
  3. Watch the Fireworks at Old Orchard Beach
  4. Have a BBQ
  5. Eat Lobster
  6. Get Ice Cream from Scoop Deck
  7. Eat Watermelon
  8. Go to Six Flags New England
  9. Have a Picnic
  10. Spend 4th of July in Bar Harbor
  11. Go the Beach
  12. Go to Jordan Pond House for Popovers
  13. Watch the Sunset
  14. Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Bar Harbor
  15. Visit a Lighthouse
  16. Get Pier Fries
  17. Go to the Local Ice Cream Shop
  18. Eat a Lobster Roll
  19. Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Old Orchard Beach
  20. Build a Sandcastle
  21. Go to the Yankee Candle Village Store
  22. Play Mini Golf Somewhere New
  23. Go Stargazing
  24. Decorate and Paint Mailbox
  25. Pick Berries
  26. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  27. Play Frisbee
  28. Go to a Baseball Game
  29. Decorate Porch for 4th of July
  30. Play in the Sprinklers
  31. Go Camping
  32. Tie Dye Shirts or Other Clothing
  33. Make Popsicles
  34. Play Beach Volleyball
  35. Make/Wear Friendship Bracelets or Anklets
  36. Go on a Hike
  37. Make Ice Cream
  38. Go to a Drive In Movie
  39. Do a Summer Craft
  40. Play with Remote Control Cars
  41. Go to a Farmers Market
  42. Make Milkshakes
  43. Paint Rocks for a Rock Garden
  44. Play Tennis
  45. Plan Sharks Games to go to Next Season
  46. Go to a Water Park
  47. Watch the Sunrise
  48. Make an Outdoor Art Project
  49. Play Basketball
  50. Prepare for Disneyland and WDW Trips

It appears that Eliot and I have got our work cut out for us!  I'm going into this fully expecting there to be a bunch of things not checked off... but who knows?  Maybe I'll surprise myself!  One thing is for sure... it's going to be a summer to remember!

Let's Do This Summer  2022!!! °o° 


  1. For goal #22, there is a brand new mini-golf course at the Desert of Maine in Freeport. It just opened last week. (jv)

    1. Ooh, we'll have to check it out! I keep telling Eliot that we should check out the Desert of Maine! We've never been but have been wanting to go! 😊 Thanks for letting me know!!! 💕