Saturday, June 25, 2022

Small Shop Saturday: Rainbow Pride 2022

Happy Saturday!  It's been about a month since I did a small shop post so I thought this weekend was the perfect time to write another one!  Pride Month is almost over, but I wanted to share some fun rainbow items that I found over on Etsy!  It's really hot here in southern Maine today (almost 90°), so let's not dilly-dally and dive right in!  

Like usual, we're starting the post off with shirts.  My favorite of all the ones I found is this "Be You" Inside Out Pride Shirt by Tuileries Vintage.  It's a really cute design!

I also really like this simple Mickey Pride Shirt by Pink Mermaid Designs.

This Mickey and Friends Pride Shirt by Joy Apparel USA is a fun design too.  I love how they incorporated some of the different pride flags into it.

This Mickey Pride Balloon Shirt by Gary Cox Gift also has a bunch of pride flags on it!

I really love this tiered Rainbow Skirt with a Mickey Silhouette by The 1955.  It would look great with any of these shirts, or with one from the Disney Pride Collection!

This Mickey Rainbow Skirt by Brittnee Braun Designs is made with the Mickey Rainbow fabric that I'm super obsessed with from last year.  I absolutely love it!!!

Finally, rounding out our shirts and clothing we have this fun Rainbow Pride Sleeveless Sundress by Pixies Tiny Things.  I love the bright colors!

Next, we're moving onto accessories.  I really love this little Mickey Rainbow Scrunchie by the Caity Perry.  It would look great with these outfits!

I am 100% obsessed with this Mickey Pride Crossbody by Sew Minnie Style.

Jenna also added this fun Mickey Rainbow Crossbody to her Sew Minnie Style shop!

This Mickey Rainbow Twist Headband by Bestie Headbands also matches everything!

If you're looking for fun jewelry to add to your rainbow outfit, these Mickey Rainbow Statement Earrings by Craft Cloud Jewelry are perfect!

If you like to sparkle, a Minnie Rainbow Rhinestone Bag by Magic Ear Gear is perfect!

These Rainbow Sequin Mickey Ears by Magic Earporium will also make you shine!

Of course, if you're looking for a variety of pride mouse ear options, Eliot and I have made a bunch of different designs that are available in our Happily Ever Hatter shop.

Switching gears again, I found some fun stickers that I liked.  You can pick from a bunch of different options of Mickey Pride Rainbow Stickers from Wish Upon Magic.

These Mickey Heart Hands Stickers by Hey Bales Co are also really cute.

I love the simplicity of this Mickey Rainbow Vinyl Sticker by Magically Mixed Design.

We're switching gears one last time since I had to include some home decor!  I thought this Mickey Pride Door Hanger by Weeks & Co was a fun way to decorate!

You can also get these Mickey Pride Magnets by Kat and Mouse Shop.

I really love these Mickey Pride Planters by Steevil Labs.

This Mickey Pride Rose Head by Harley Qs Crafts is also a fun way to decorate!

Finally, I have to fit in one last plug for our products.  We love this Rainbow Mickey Pen Holder from our Snowblade Creations shop.  We also made a Minnie Mouse version!

I hope you enjoyed all of these rainbow goodies curated by yours truly.  I think all of these products would be great to celebrate pride and love year round!!!

Please Note: Eliot and I are not affiliated with any of these shops (other than our own Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations Etsy shops) and we will not earn anything if you purchase something from this post (unless you buy an item directly from our shops).  I just wanted to spread a little bit of magical good will by sharing some stuff that I love from Etsy!  I know how much it means to small shops for their stuff to be shared.  All of these items are literally things that I picked off of my own Etsy favorites list!  

All of these photos belong to the shop in which I've shared them from.  If you link them from this post, please attach them to their corresponding Etsy shop!

Happy Pride Month!!!  °o°

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