Monday, June 27, 2022

Magical Merchandise: More Rainbow Pride

Happy Monday!  Today, we're taking a look at a few more fun rainbow items that I've discovered the past few weeks!  I've been waiting all month to post this hoping that I'd find more items... but I think I've found what I'm going to find for now!  But I still had to get one last rainbow merchandise post in before Pride Month is over!  

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Like last year, Disney licensed other companies to make Pride merchandise outside of their theme parks.  I am 100% on board with this, because that means there's so much more to choose from!  Plus, this year, some new companies got in on the action!  So let's dive in and check out the things I found this year!

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The first thing that I discovered was the new Tervis mugs.  I saw a few similar designs last year, but I think this was the first year Tervis made them.  Eliot and I love Terivs mugs and how sturdy they are.  And I absolutely love these designs... especially the Mickey, Minnie and Think Happy Thoughts designs!  I'm super tempted to get one.  (Ok Mel, repeat after me... "I don't need another mug... I don't need another mug...")


I was pleasantly surprised to come across some new rainbow designs by Crocs.  This year, they made an adult shoe which has sold out.

They also made sandals which are also sold out.  Hopefully they'll restock them!!!

They made a shoe for kids as well!

Finally, they made some Jibbitz decorations to put in your shoes!


I was also surprised to come across so many new Disney Pride items on Buckle-Down's website.  I was looking at belts for Eliot, and I happened to see their new collection!  They made belts for a bunch of the different pride flags, as well as some fun rainbow designs!  I really think I need a Mickey rainbow belt for my collection!

They also made the Intersectional Pride Flag.

There's an Inclusion Pride Flag belt as well.

I'm a huge fan of this belt with all of the Mickey Pride Flags on it!  I love the white background and it also would match a dress I want to get.  (More on that below...)

Finally, I was really surprised and very impressed that they also made belts for many of the different individual Pride Flags!!!  I think this is a really great step forward to make people feel seen and represented!  (More of this please merchandise creators!)

Fanatics Sports Merchandise

Although, it's not Disney, I had to include the fun sports merchandise that I found on Fanatics.  It might not excite the rest of you, but I was pretty pumped to add on to my sports Pride items!  I had to get a few things to represent my two favorite sports teams!

My absolute favorite item from this year is my new Sharks Rainbow Baseball Hat.

I'm also a big fan of my new Sharks San Jose Rainbow Shirt.

Of course, I also had to get this more practical black Rainbow Sharks Logo Shirt.

Finally, this year I also grabbed some rainbow Pats gear with my new Rainbow Patriots Shirt!  I really loved the gradient rainbow logo on this one!!!

Hot Topic 

This year, Hot Topic and BoxLunch didn't have the fun accessories and home decor items that they did last year.  But they did have a few new things.  I love these socks!

They also had rainbow keychains.  These would be so cute on a Loungefly bag!

They added a few more shirts to their selection this year.  I really love this one.

Finally, I also thought this Ursula shirt was fun!


BoxLunch also added new shirts.  I love this one with this year's Disney Pride theme.

I like how simple this design is.

Finally, I'm a huge fan of these Pride Flag shirts!!!  Not only do they have the rainbow Mickey version, but they also made shirts for six of the different Pride Flags!!!


I also stumbled across this Disney Pride Blanket from Kohl's.  It looks so soft!


I decided to check out Walmart on a whim and I'm so glad that I did.  First, I discovered this fun women's PJ set with a tank top and coordinating shorts!

I checked another time and I found a bunch of other things including this Ohana Flag.

I also came across this Mickey Love Flag.

I really love this One Disney Family Shirt.

I might have to get this Disney Pride Tribe shirt!

This Proud To Be Me Sweatshirt also stood out to me.

Finally, I also came across these Disney and Pixar Pride Wall Posters!

TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods 

I haven't been into TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Home Goods lately, but apparently they had a bunch of Disney Rainbow Pride Kitchen items!  If I had known that... I would have been in so much sooner!  Hopefully our local stores still have something... but if not, I'll have to check out eBay and Mercari (where I grabbed this photo from)!

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This year, Torrid had another Pride Collection with lots of colorful clothing.  I won't lie... I was legit stalking their website for weeks.  My favorite pieces from this year are the rainbow skirt, rainbow dress, rainbow denim jacket, the Pride flag dress and the Pride flag shirt.  Unfortunately, the skirt sold out first which is a bummer because I didn't buy it in time.  (It would have gone perfect with all of the rainbow shirts I have!)

I am planning to get the other items still though!  I really want this gorgeous striped dress that has a bunch of the Pride flags on it.  It's so subtle that you might not even realize what it actually represents... but I think it's a perfect piece to wear as a proud ally.  It's also fun, bright and perfect for summer!


A few days ago, I had my biggest surprise when I stumbled across a bunch of Disney Pride plush on Amazon!  (Honestly, I had almost had all of this blog post sorted out, when I randomly found these last Friday.)  These are so cute!!!  I'm already going through all of the places that I could put them in our house to celebrate Pride Month!

These small blue plush are the first plush I came across.

There are also large versions of the Mickey, Minnie and Stitch plushes.

I'm also a fan of these larger plush faces.  I'd use them as pillows for our couch!

My favorite find was this Mickey and Friends plush set!  Look at all of the fun colors!!!

While there weren't as many new items as I had hoped for this year, I enjoyed what I did find!  Plus, I'm excited other retailers are still carrying Disney Pride items.  I hope this is only the beginning and each year we'll get more magical rainbow merchandise!!!

Happy Pride Month!!!  °o°

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