Thursday, June 23, 2022

Jetting Through June

How is it almost the end of June?!?!?!  Like usual, this year is jetting right past me at lightning speed.  It's hard to believe that we're already approaching the halfway mark of 2022.  I was looking at my calendars and we've still got a lot going on.  I thought that I better check in now since I've already got blog posts planned into July past the 4th.

Eliot and I haven't really been up to too much outside of our usual.  We have been watching hockey in the form of the Stanley Cup Finals.  We're still trying to watch each of the new Hallmark movies as they premiere this summer.  We are both really looking forward to the three new Christmas movies debuting next month during Christmas in July.  (Our poor Fubo app is about to get overloaded with Hallmark Christmas movie recordings... thank goodness we have 1,000 recordable hours on it!)

We also recently started watching Up TV.  We've seen so many of the Hallmark movies at this point, that we're getting bored with the reruns.  A few weekends ago, Eliot put Up TV on while we were working on business stuff... and that was it.  I got sucked into the commercial for a new movie debuting that evening on Up TV and the next thing I knew, I was recording it.  I'm glad I did though!  We watched it a few days later and they used video footage of Bar Harbor as the "random coastal town" that the movie took place in!  It was really cool to see my hometown on tv!

As for the businesses, they're moving along as per usual.  We had an influx of orders for Happily Ever Hatter a few weeks ago, so we're finishing those up now.  Thankfully, we've been mostly ahead of our printing schedule, even with a few of the machines down for maintenance and new parts.  Eliot and I are also busy finishing the three large orders that we got outside of our usual Etsy shop orders!

I'm still working on getting supplies together for my newest business endeavor.  Now that we have our tax refund, I'm also hoping to get some more supplies for the new Happily Ever Hatter products that I've wanted to make for a while now.  Inspiration also struck for some new Snowblade Creations products a few weeks ago... so once Eliot has time to print me some samples, I'm planning to start working on those!

On the personal side of things, Eliot and I have both been making a conscious effort to try to keep a balance between work and play.  We always work so hard that we need to make sure we're taking time to relax, rest, and enjoy life!

Last week, Eliot and I were busy with orders but we took a break to watch basketball and hockey.  Eliot's stupid Golden State Warriors beat my Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals and I was a bit annoyed about it.  But the Colorado Avalanche beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first two Stanley Cup Finals games... so that made up for it. 

On Friday, Eliot and I were able to meet up with my parents on their way through town on the way to New York.  It wasn't very long, but they got to join us at Applebee's for a little bit.  Eliot and I had dinner while they both had desserts.  Afterwards, we visited with them in the parking lot of Kohl's for a few minutes.  They gave Eliot his birthday presents- a Ryobi battery, a battery charger station and a new tool.  Then, we wished them a Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day and they were on their way!

Sunday, Eliot and I undertook a massive house project...  deep cleaning our master bathroom.  It took us a few hours, but we scrubbed everything down like crazy.  I'm really trying to get it finished in the next few months... and this was the first step to that process.  Unfortunately, most of the decor and was packed away in our small guest bedroom, so Eliot and I are going hunting for that this weekend.  I'm hopeful that I'll be able to paint the cabinets and re-do the countertop soon too!  (The current colors look awful with the paint colors we chose.)  The master bathroom is going to look so good when it's all finished though!!!  I can't wait!  (Here's an in progress sneak peek!)

This week I continued my cleaning frenzy during the day while Eliot was at work.  I spent most of the day Monday reorganizing all of my clothes in containers.  (Most of my clothes are still packed away in containers while we work to finish painting and reorganizing the master bedroom.)  It dawned on me about a week or ago that if I organized everything into the containers, that I would actually know where my clothes are instead of looking through everything trying to find one piece.

I spent the afternoon on Tuesday finishing my clothes reorganizing project.  It took me way longer than I had anticipated; I probably spent at least 6-8 hours between the two days.  But in the end, it was worth it.  Now, all of my clothes are organized enough that I can find what I'm looking for between now and when they finally find their way to their new home in the dressers and my closet.

I've also come to the conclusion that I have a lot of clothes.  It's easy when things aren't organized to lose track of what you do have.  I've got an entire giant container filled with Halloween clothing.  I have two buckets worth of Christmas stuff... and even then I found more that I'll have to tuck into those.  I have two containers filled with Spirit Jerseys- but that didn't really surprise me.  I also filled one bucket with dressy Disney clothing and another with less fancy Disney clothing.  And let's not even talk about the containers of Disney shirts that I have.  (It's like Bruno... we just don't talk about it!) 

Eliot and I had been planning to go see Lightyear at our recently re-opened movie theater Tuesday evening, but he went into work later than planned and I was working away organizing clothes in our master bedroom until 7 pm.  It worked out though, because we realized that it made more sense to wait until next week since we have so many orders we're in the process of finishing this week.  (The movie theater also has discounts on Tuesdays so we figured we'd try to go during that.)  We don't have anything on our calendar at all next week, other than going to my parents' house next weekend for the 4th of July.  Next week will be the perfect week to see Lightyear!

Wednesday was kind of a catch-all day.  I answered a bunch of customer messages for both Etsy shops.  I also checked in with a few customers.  I spent most of the day doing small loads of laundry of new clothes that needed to be washed separately.  I tidied up the kitchen and the dining room.  I hand stitched a small snag in one of my pairs of black leggings.  And I finally started cleaning out the refrigerator... something that I've been avoiding because I know how much of a project that it's going to be.  (I'm planning to completely empty it, have Eliot help me deep clean every inch of it, and get a bunch of those storage containers to organize everything in it.)

Late in the afternoon, I decided to take a break for some "me" time.  I actually started reading a book over the weekend, and I've been reading a chapter here and there each day when I've had a minute.  I wanted to spend a bit more time relaxing though, so I bolted through 80 or so pages while waiting for Eliot to get out of work, pick up dinner and run a few errands.  He arrived home just as I was finishing a chapter.  (It was so nice to read again... it's really been too long!)  Then, Eliot and I spent the rest of the evening watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and working on orders.

Today, I took a break from the cleaning projects because I had other plans.  At 12:30, I met up with my cousin Karen in Portland.  She and her Mom (my Aunt Janie) had driven up for the afternoon.  We gathered at Longhorn Steakhouse where my Aunt Diane was also meeting us and the four of us ladies had a nice lunch together.

Afterwards, we split up like we usually do, with Karen and I heading over to the mall to walk around and talk.  I wasn't feeling 100%, so we ended up finding a bench in a quiet section near Round One to sit and catch up.  We spent the rest of our time together there talking and filling each other in on everything going on in our lives.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back over to the Longhorn parking lot to meet Diane and Janie.  Then, we all said our goodbyes and headed in our separate directions.

I had originally planned to run a few errands in the area, but I wasn't really feeling up to doing them on my own.  After some thought, I decided to skip them.  I called Eliot to check in since he had called while I was with Karen to tell me he had a huge project he needed to do at work and that he wouldn't be home until after midnight.  He gave me more details and I knew that he wasn't exaggerating; he wouldn't be home for the rest of the evening.  I didn't really want to go back home to an empty house though.  

I happened to check my voicemails and my boss at the chiropractic office had left me a message about a question they had on an Excel document that I made.  The office was open until 6 pm, so after a quick call to the new office manager that I had been training, I was on my way over there.  I had to pass by the office on the way home anyways, so the universe kind of lined everything up.  I ended up staying with her for about 2 hours while she finished her day and asked me a few questions.  It was nice to visit with her, the other doctor, and a few of the patients while I helped her out.  I was also able to help with her Excel document problem, even though I didn't really know what I was doing prior to getting there!  But it all worked out!

I left the office, grabbed something for dinner since I was finally hungry again, and headed home.  It wasn't long after getting home and eating that I found myself drifting off on the couch.  It was only 9 pm, but I decided to call it a night and go to bed early (really early for me) since there wasn't anything too pressing that I had to do!  (And Eliot didn't end up getting home until 2 am, so I'm glad that I called it a night early!)

As you can see, it's been a busy week, and it isn't slowing down either.  Tomorrow morning is registration for the 2023 RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Virtual Races.  That's in the morning and then I have to have blood drawn tomorrow afternoon.  (Yay, my favorite... not.)  I absolutely hate getting my blood drawn, so I've promised myself that if my arm is feeling ok afterwards, I can go over to Michael's in Biddeford.  I've got a few supplies for projects that I need to pick up, and I'd like to get supplies for my new business idea if they have them in stock!

This upcoming weekend and next week, I'm going to try to focus on getting more stuff done around the house.  There aren't too many business things that I can be working on during the day right now, so I've got time to get house projects done while Eliot's at work.  I'm also trying to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.  Once the heat and humidity are here, I'll probably be camping out in the living room most of the summer in the air conditioning!  I can work on some of my new business ideas then!

Things do look like they'll slow down a little though.  Next week is actually pretty quiet with nothing on our schedule other than going to Trenton for 4th of July.  Like I said, I'll probably stick close to home so I can get some stuff done around the house.  But I will go out to have a date night with Eliot to see Lightyear next Tuesday!

As for my blog, I'll be busy as ever.  I've got one post planned every day from now through 4th of July weekend.  There will be plenty of new content the next few weeks!

It's time to buckle up, hold on, and enjoy the jet ride through the rest of June!  °o°

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