Sunday, June 26, 2022

Stitch Day 2022

Happy Stitch Day!!!

Each year, Eliot and I celebrate our favorite little alien monster on 6/26 along with many other Disney fans.  As you may recall, Stitch is also known as "Experiment 626" in Lilo and Stitch.  Therefore, June 26th is the perfect day to recognize him.  

Stitch is one of Eliot's all time favorite Disney characters, so we're probably a little bit biased about today.  We have so many little Stitch plushies and quite a few variations of the many Loungefly backpacks of Stitch.  (My favorite bag is Baker Stitch with cake!)

Through the years, we've also tried to take as many pictures with him at the parks as possible.  He's not always the easiest character to find, but we've gotten a few pictures with him.  Eliot and I got our first picture with Stitch during our 1st solo trip to Walt Disney World in October of 2010 when he and Lilo greeted guests at Animal Kingdom.

We got another photo with Stitch when he was the featured character at the Disney Visa Cardholder photo spot at California Adventure during our trip in June of 2016 during Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration.  Eliot was so excited that the random character at the private meet and greet was him!

Eliot was also able to get a bug hug from Stitch while we were there!

Of course, you can also find Stitch abroad the Disney Cruise Line ships.  Eliot was so excited to get a photo with Stitch in his Christmas Hawaiian shirt during our first Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise back in December of 2019.

In the past, I've tried to dress up for Stitch Day when I've been able to.  When I was still working at the chiropractic office a few years ago, I wore my dark blue scrub top with a light blue tank top underneath it as a subtle Disneybound of Stitch.  I topped off the outfit with a small Stitch brooch by my name tag.  No one noticed my outfit, or knew what it's significance was, but it made me feel special and I really enjoyed myself!

Through the years, Eliot and I have made a few variations of Stitch mouse ears for Happily Ever Hatter.  My favorite (and our most popular) is this version of his head and face!  I'm sure Eliot will make Stitch desk accessories when he has more design time!

I'm not sure exactly what our plans are for today, but if we're heading out somewhere, I'm sure that Eliot and I will try to honor our favorite alien experiment! 

Happy Stitch Day!!! °o°

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