Sunday, June 12, 2022

A Mixed Bag

Things have certainly been busy around here.  Honestly, I knew they'd be crazy, but I wasn't prepared for the onslaught that has been the past few weeks.  As usual, Eliot and I are keeping busy between our businesses, working on the house, every day life stuff and trying to fit some fun and relaxation in!

Thankfully, we've had a bit more time together to work on all of that than usual.  Eliot had six vacation days left over that he had to use in May.  We ended up tucking most of them around weekends, so he had three 4-day weekends spread throughout the month.  I wish I could say that we got some huge project done during them... or that we accomplished something spectacular, but we didn't.  We did however make a bit of progress with the businesses, and get a little bit of rest and relaxation in.

One highlight from his long weekends was Memorial Day weekend.  We added his last vacation day to the Tuesday following it.  We drove up to Trenton Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend visiting my parents, Nana and Jeremy.

The unfortunate part of the story is how most of my weekend was thrown off track with stomach problems.  I was in a world of pain on Sunday, so we didn't really do anything but hang out at home.  (And I took a nice long mid-afternoon nap.)  It was nice to relax and spend time with everyone, but I wasn't feeling 100% at all.  

I won't get into the details, because trust me, you don't want to know them... but I think it's safe to just say that I've been having digestive issues for a few weeks now.  Eliot and I bought groceries for me to make the rice bowls I had been enjoying during most of the pandemic.  But for some reason, things haven't gone well this time around.  My stomach hasn't been happy and it's caused a lot of pain, cramping and discomfort.  I've spent a good amount of time the past few weeks on the couch or laying in bed.  So it shouldn't have been a surprise to me when I was once again in bed over the weekend.

After spending most of the afternoon in bed feeling like I wasted a day, I attempted to make something of my evening. Sunday night, we had Chinese food from our favorite local place.  It's pretty much the only time I get Chinese food because I have high expectations due to their excellent quality.  (I tried for years to find a place in MA and I finally gave up.)  Thankfully, I was able to eat most of my dinner.  Then, we all gathered in the living room to watch the Boston Celtics game.  It was Game 7 against the Miami Heat and the winner would go to the NBA Finals!  It was a stressful game and the score was pretty close for a lot of it, but the Celtics pulled it off and won 100-96!!!

Thankfully, things with my stomach were better that Memorial Day Monday and I was ready to get out of the house and do something.  I wasn't up for any of the hikes or walks I had wanted to take, but I was able to go out.  Eliot and I ended up going over to the Jordan Pond House so we finally could get our popovers.  After not having them at all last summer, I was so excited to have some!

Eliot and I went over to the Jordan Pond House later in the day hoping that we'd miss the lunchtime rush.  When we first pulled in, we thought we were going to be turned away.  The parking lot was so full that people were parked on the grass.  (People are never parked on the grass.)  Eliot was ready to tell me to leave, but I said let's just see how long the wait is.  He popped out of the car and was back in a few minutes saying that the wait to get seated was only about 20-30 minutes.

We decided to stay and walked down to the pond to take a few photos and admire the view while we were waiting.  We weren't even 15 minutes into the wait when our pager went off.  Back up the hill we went to get seated!

We thoroughly enjoyed the popovers.  I couldn't eat more than four with my stomach issues, but Eliot somehow put back six of them.  We also were able to take six home for Mom, Dad and Nana to share.  Our waiter said they don't usually do take out orders since they need to be served fresh, but our telling him that we're local and we know they won't be as good as they would be fresh made him agree to it anyways.  (He also gave us two popovers for free as a local discount!)

Eliot and I returned to Mom and Dad's house with the popovers.  After visiting for a minute and dropping those off, we headed back into town to play mini golf at Pirates Cove.  Eliot and I did the "easy" course this time since it was less crowded... and I actually won!  (I never beat him.)  I also got a hole in one on the #2 hole which was what they spun on the ship wheel so I won a token for a free game!  After that, we drove into Bar Harbor long enough to take a quick pass through town.  Things were a lot more quiet Memorial Day since a lot of people had left to go home.

The following day, Eliot and I left Trenton in the early afternoon to head south.  It took us twice as long to get home as it should have, but we stopped a few times.  We stopped in Bangor at the Chipotle for lunch and ate out in the truck.  I got out at the Bangor Hobby Lobby to use the restroom, stretch my legs and poke around.  We were also able to find the Mickey door mat I wanted!  Then, we drove south.  Eliot went into most of the Walmarts along the way looking for supplies for our business.  I got out with him at the Augusta store since I needed to use the restroom, but other than that I stayed in the car until we got home as I still wasn't feeling 100%.

Since then, Eliot and I have kept busy alternating between watching hockey and basketball while we're working on orders at night.  His home team the Golden State Warriors also made it to the NBA Finals, so now we're rooting against each other during each basketball game.  It's been interesting, but neither one of us is a huge NBA fan.  My family however, are huge Boston Celtics fans, so I'd really love for them to win the championship for Jeremy and Daddy!  Go Celtics!

As for the NHL playoffs, I'm rooting for the Colorado Avalanche at this point.  They clinched their spot in the Stanley Cup Finals last Monday after sweeping the Edmonton Oilers.  Neither Eliot nor I are huge fans of Colorado, but I really don't have any reason not to like them except that they're really good.  We had the best time at the Colorado vs Sharks game that we went to a few years ago with Eliot's family.  And I'd feel good about them winning the cup.  I guess we'll see how that goes over the next few weeks! 

The only other exciting thing happening here was Eliot's Birthday last Thursday and us going back up to Portland yesterday.  We had an enjoyable evening for Eliot's birthday, although I still wasn't feeling great.  Thankfully, my meal from Texas Roadhouse heats back up well, so I was able to enjoy the rest the following day for lunch!  We also went to Spectrum and Best Buy while we were in town.  Eliot has been wanting to get a new phone, but we realized on Thursday that it wasn't going to happen that night... which is what prompted the trip back up there yesterday.  And that was a nightmare.

What was only supposed to take about an hour became a 3+ hour debacle.  I was out in the truck starving since we hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch.  Eliot's appointment with Best Buy was from 3:00-4:00 pm, but when he got there they didn't even know he was coming.  Then, he wasn't authorized to make changes on the account.  He went to T-Mobile, found out he was on the account and Best Buy still couldn't do anything since his mother was "in charge"... she isn't even active on the account since she has a phone from work.  (Clearly, Best Buy needs to update their system.)  It was a disaster.

On the plus side, once I gave up and left Eliot at the mall, I got to go over to Joann Fabrics and poke around for a little bit to kill time.  I didn't leave with anything other than a candy bar (basically to make sure that I didn't pass out on my drive back to the mall to get Eliot) but I did enjoy looking through the fabrics!  And after I picked him up, we went out to dinner at Chili's and I got the Mexican bowl that I love!

Today, we're lying low at the house.  Eliot's going to mow the front lawn later and I'm working on some business stuff.  We're planning to watch a new Hallmark movie that we recorded last weekend and to relax a bit before another busy week!

It's been a mixed bag the past few weeks, but hopefully things will keep looking up now that my stomach has been doing a little better.  I'm anxious and excited to get back to working on the house and my organizing... and working on my business projects!  °o°

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