Friday, June 17, 2022

Fun Find Friday: SJ Sharkie Videos

Happy Friday and Happy National Mascot Day!!!  

I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by sharing a few fun videos of the hardest working fish in the National Hockey League.  As you know, Eliot and I are both huge San Jose Sharks fans.  Earlier this year, SJ Sharkie celebrated his 30th birthday on January 28th and the Sharks and a few fans made videos to celebrate our favorite mascot.

Eliot and I love Sharkie.  We both follow him on Facebook and Instagram.  (I'm even a top fan over on Facebook!)  It's clear that Sharkie knows how to have fun.  He's always wearing some fun costume for themed game nights at the tank.  He's also dressed up as a few of our favorite Disney superheroes through the years, as you'll see below.

This fan made video has some older Sharkie footage in it as well!

Here's a video of Sharkie and some of his antics with his fellow NHL mascot friends.

And finally, here's another fan video of Sharkie with some fun moments through the years.  I really love how much the Sharks players enjoy giving Sharkie hugs and high fives.  Also, Finn, the Sharks team puppy that they had back during the 2019 season, is also in some of the footage!  He and Sharkie are so cute together!

As you can see, Sharkie is definitely a fun mascot and you can't help but love him and his hilarious antics.  I can't wait to visit our favorite fin friend again next season!

HappNational Mascot Day Sharkie!  Wlove you!!!  °o°

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