Monday, June 20, 2022

Magical Merchandise: 2022 Disney Pride Rainbow Collection

Happy Monday Friends!  It's finally time for the merchandise blog post that I've been holding back on!  Every year, I look forward to what Disney is going to release as part of their Disney Rainbow Collection.  I love Disney and I love rainbows.  Each year, I'm mesmerized by all of the colorful products available!

Over the past few years, Disney has gotten more vocal about where their beliefs as a corporation lie.  Back in 2019, the rainbow merchandise was subtly released during June to coincide with Pride Month.  In 2020, Disney started to donate to LGBTQIA+ organizations.  And each year since then, they've gotten more clear about what this collection really is... and I couldn't be more proud to support them for it.  (You can read about the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Rainbow Collections at those links.)

The past two years, Disney has gotten loud and proud using models in their advertising to portray what an average LGBTQIA+ family or couple might look like in the parks.  I have always believed that representation does matter, and this makes me so happy.

People online are quick to anger in the comments, and I find it so sad that in 2022, our world is still so full of hate.  I am proud to support my LGBTQIA+ friends as an ally who will always stand up for them in their right to love and live authentically. 

So without further ado, let's check out the awesome rainbow merchandise hitting our favorite theme parks, shopping districts and Shop Disney online

Last year, Disney expanded line of Pride merchandise to include all of their different properties and they continued that this year.  Let's start with Marvel and my favorite item of that collection.  I was completely obsessed with this Marvel Pride Loungefly Backpack.  Naturally, it was the first thing that sold out and we missed it.  Thankfully, Eliot's Mom went to Disneyland a few weeks ago and she mailed us two of them!

I also really like this Marvel Pride Shirt with the superhero symbols on the back.

I'm really loving this Marvel Pride Woven Shirt with the hero symbols as well.

The details on this shirt are really incredible.  I might have to get myself one!

Speaking of woven shirts... they also made one for Star Wars.

I really love this Star Wars Spirit Jersey!  Note to the Disney merchandise team, please make a Spirit Jersey that has the park names or "Disney" on the back in this gorgeous rainbow gradient print!  I am completely obsessed!

They also made a few Pixar items like these Pixar Pride Shorts

There's also a Pixar Pride T-Shirt with little Luxo Lamps all over it.

I really love this Pixar Pride Sweatshirt with the gorgeous rainbow gradient.

They also made Disney Pride Woven Shirt with rainbow Mickeys all over it.

This Disney Pride Mickey Shirt for Kids is also really cute.

My other favorite thing from the collection this year is the Mickey Loungefly Backpack!

They brought back these Mickey Pride Pins again this year as well.

They also made a few NuiMo Pride outfits for our small friends.  I love this one!

These little NuiMo Pride Overalls are so cute too!

Of course, the NuiMos need their own little Rainbow Pride Loungefly.

And if you have a Loungefly backpack, you need a Pride Spirit Jersey to match!

This year, they also made a Stitch Plush.

These are this year's version of the Mickey and Minnie Rainbow Plush.

They also released another version of the Disney Pride Key.

Our furry friends can get in on the action with a Rainbow Mickey Pet Collar and Leash.

I really love this bright and colorful Rainbow Throw!!!

This Stainless Steel Tumbler also caught my eye... but we don't need more tumblers!

And there you have it!  That's all of this year's new Rainbow Pride merchandise that has caught my attention on Shop Disney so far!  It's so bright and fun... I love it!

I am so proud of Disney for how far they have come.  You'll also notice that this year's collection is called the Disney Pride Collection.  This is the first year that they've called it what it is... Pride merchandise.  And I absolutely love this.  

Plus, there's supposedly more to come!  I've held off on this post hoping that the rest of the collection would be online soon.  But due to worldwide shipping delays, the stuff online so far will have to do for this year's Pride post!  You can bet that I'll be keeping an eye on the Shop Disney website for more rainbow stuff though! 

Thank you Disney for keeping your rainbow merchandise game strong!  I can't wait to add to my collection of Pride outfits and accessories!  Bring on all of the rainbows!!!

Happy Pride Month!!!  °o°

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