Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hard Work Pays Off

You guys know that things have been pretty crazy around here lately.  It feels like Eliot and I been going almost non-stop and I'm still pretty wiped out.  Thankfully, we have gotten a little bit of rest and relaxation in while watching the NHL playoffs.  (I'm kind of at the point where I need mindless activity to zone out and chill out.)  Playoff hockey has provided a much needed break and a way for both Eliot and me to relax.

All of this is understandable as we've got so many balls that we're juggling at the same time.  I haven't gotten nearly as much cleaning and organizing done around the house as I had wanted to this month.  Still, somehow I've kept my spirits up instead of getting down on myself.  You've probably gathered that I'm a very goal oriented person who likes lists and checking things off of them.  I know that I'm more than what I end up accomplishing each day, but sometimes, it's nice to see results.

Which is why I'm so grateful for the past few weeks.  Even though my to do list keeps getting longer instead of shorter each day, I feel like I've been getting stuff done!

Just over a week ago, Eliot and I deposited two checks into our account.  One was from my aunt who had ordered mouse ears from us for a Make A Wish family she was working with.  She wanted to surprise them with the ears at the party where they tell the Wish Kid their wish is coming true.  The family went to Walt Disney World earlier this month, and the kids were all donning personalized mouse ears made by us.  The other check was my commission from our Disneyland trip back in March.  I purchased most of our tickets through my travel agency and thus got part of the money back.

On top of that, we had a crazy busy sales week with Happily Ever Hatter earlier this month.  My weekly deposit from Etsy was about twice what it usually is.  Then, I also got paid for a bunch of hours worked at the chiropractic office.

Opening up our bank account info provided me with a little bit of a shock.  Between the two checks and the two direct deposits, our account was looking pretty spectacular. 

It's good to see the fruits of our labor so clearly laid out in front of me.  Sometimes, it feels like Eliot and I are grinding our wheels and not actually getting anywhere.  Seeing our bank account look like that provided me with a much needed dose of relief (that we are in fact getting somewhere) as well as motivation to keep pushing forward.  

And things aren't going to slow down anytime soon... 

As of this past week, two of our other friends are now working with us on mouse ear orders.  We're making four pairs of one design for a local friend.  Then, one of my best customers has ordered five more pairs of ears and a bunch of 3D printed brooches from us for an event he's doing over July 4th weekend.  It always makes me feel really great when our friends and family order products from us!

I'm also beginning to gather the supplies I need for a new business endeavor.  I have briefly mentioned it on here over the past few months... and it's coming closer to becoming a reality!  I've realized that I really need another creative outlet, and this will be something that I can make whatever I wish and then sell it in small batches.

On top of that, Eliot and I have been bouncing around a few other ideas.  I've had a whole stack of things that we put on the back burner to focus our time, energy and efforts on building Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations.  But now that we're keeping pretty steady with those, we're looking into a few of those other ideas.

Just the other day, I pretty much decided to start another business... on top of the clothing, home decor and above business.  I probably sound crazy, but this one would be a lot less hands on and it could be a way to provide a steady stream of income without all of the time some of the other businesses take up.

Long story short, Eliot and I have got multiple different businesses and ideas in the works.  Right now, we're all about diversifying and having multiple different streams of income.  We're trying to pay things off, have money to buy puppy stuff and we're got a few trips coming up that we'd love to have some extra spending money for.  Plus, my "side hustle" isn't really a side hustle now that it's my full time job.  

Eliot and I are both just trying to go with whatever feels right in the moment.  I won't lie, it's a little bit daunting but at the same time it's a really exciting time around here!

The saying goes that hard work pays off... and it's nice to see that happening.  It feels like a good time to take a step back and acknowledge all of our hard work.  

Ok, the moment is over... time to get back to work!  °o°

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