Thursday, May 26, 2022

100 Days of French

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how hard work pays off.  Today is more proof of that.

Because today, I reached a big milestone in one of my personal goals.  I've mentioned before that I have wanted to re-learn French for years now.  I'm so proud of myself.  As of today, it's been 100 days since I first started using Duolingo.  I have successfully used the app, practiced my French and have been learning for 100 days straight!

Photo from my Duolingo app

One of my favorite parts of using Duolingo is that there are a bunch of different ways you can track your progress.  The app keeps track of how many minutes you use it every week.  You earn gems for each lesson you complete.  You earn crowns towards each skill.  There are leagues where you're competing with other language learners.

Over the past few weeks, I've knocked off a few more accomplishments while using the app.  I actually finished first in my weekly challenge a few weeks ago!

After finishing in first, I finally moved up into the Diamond League- which is the highest level of competition with other Duolingo learners.  (Overachievers unite!!!)

Photo from my Duolingo app

And I'm still in Diamond League.  The goal is to stay in the same league and not get demoted down to the previous level.  Right now, I'm holding strong at #2 out of 30!!! 

I've continued to earn all of my monthly badges!  (February, March, April and May!)

There are many things that I can achieve in the app and I've barely scratched the surface.  I've hardly read any of the stories and I've unlocked a bunch of them!  

Photo from my Duolingo app

I'm almost finished with the first Unit.  I'm basically at the level where you prove your mastery of each subject.  Duolingo gave me a free trial for three days so I don't have to use my gems to test myself, so I'll be trying to do as much of that as possible in the next few days.  Although, I do plan to upgrade to Super Duolingo and buy the yearly plan once we get our tax refund!  Then, I'll have unlimited lives and I won't have to watch ads!  I'm sure that I'll really get my learning on then!

There are 10 total units in French... each with multiple subjects and each of those with multiple levels.  So I've still got a ways to go.  According to the app, I've only made it through about 5% of the French lessons!  But I've still made progress!

Photo from my Duolingo app

I haven't even opened up one of my French text books yet.  Although, I'm still planning to do that sooner than later.  I think it will help me along with the process since I'm such a visual learner.  Plus, I downloaded some free flashcards that Eliot is helping me print out.  I want to start using those to learn more vocabulary words and to practice them!

I'm really happy with how much I've re-learned so far!  I've been able to make plenty of full sentences randomly throughout the day.  I'm trying to get myself thinking in French more often so it will become intuitive.  I'm still looking into my "big" goal of reading a book entirely in French... and getting to the 100 day mark is a step towards that goal!

Photo from my Duolingo app

Appropriately and perhaps a little ironically, I also wanted to point out that today is my 100th blog post of 2022!  Hard work really does pay off!  Bon travail Melissa!!!  °o°

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