Monday, May 30, 2022

Magical Merchandise: An Uplifting Harveys Collection

Today, I'm doing something a bit different for my magical merchandise post; instead of telling you about products that just dropped, this is more of a flashback of merchandise that was released a year ago.  I wanted to write about it back then, but Eliot and I were really busy last year at this time as Disneyland was finally re-opening and we had a ton of mouse ear orders to make.  So I'll tell you all about it now!  Plus, the anniversary of this film was yesterday... and I thought this was a great way to celebrate it!

A little over a year ago, I was preparing for the Harveys release that I've been waiting years for... Disney Pixar's Up.  As my wallet quivered in fear, I practically shook with excitement and anticipation.  This new Harveys seatbelt handbag collection was stunning, and as we'd later find out, the release was so large that it had to be done over two separate releases!  (Part 1 was on March 19th and Part 2 on April 15th.)

Like many other Harveys fans, I've patiently waited years for the Up collection to make it's debut.  The past few years, Harveys has usually released a Pixar collection in the spring.  (In 2019 it was Toy Story and in 2020 it was Monsters Inc.)  I'm a huge fan of Pixar movies and their storytelling.  These Pixar Harveys collections are usually the ones where I've bought multiple items in each release.

As soon as I saw the teasers from Harveys... I knew my wallet was doomed.

Up is one of my all time favorite Disney Pixar films... it might even be my favorite.  I've always loved the story, the imagery, and all of the things you can pull from the movie.  I wanted to do an Up themed room in our house, but we were running out of rooms!  For now, I've decided to make an Up Section of our living room.  Whenever I see any Up merchandise, I usually grab it for the house.  I also have a pretty large collection of Up clothing and accessories.  It's another weakness of mine!

Thankfully, Harveys did this movie right and the collections were stunning!  Let's take a look at some of my favorite items from both releases!

Part 1 Release (March 19, 2021)

Skinny Scarf- I love this!  It's perfect to tie in your hair or on a handbag handle!

Wilderness Explorer Lanyard- Eliot and I both got one of these!  He wants to use his for his ID at work and I thought it would be good to wear to the parks!

Up Pins- I love these pins and how they match the all over print.  Harveys always puts their pin sets in super cute packaging ready to display too!

Up Balloon House Coin Purse- This coin purse is so bright and adorable!

Up Shirt- I bought Eliot and I these matching t-shirts.  Not only will they match my Harveys handbags, but they're really cute and fun to wear to the parks!

Balloon Click and Carry- I thought this was perfect for the Up handbags as well as a fun addition to other bags!  It would be perfect to wear around my birthday!

Up Convertible Crossbody- This bag is so cute!  I love how it's the perfect size!

Up Streamline Tote- This is the larger version of the all over print!

Russell Park Hopper- I absolutely love this bag.  I love the Wilderness Explorer outfit and this bag is so much fun!  I love the badge pattern on the backpack straps too!

Kevin Vacation Tote- This was "the" popular bag during the first release.  Eliot agreed to be in charge of getting one for me and it worked!  It definitely sold out quickly!  The colors in this bag are absolutely gorgeous!  I'm in love!!!

Part 2 Release (April 15, 2021)

Grape Soda Headband- The second release had a bunch of Grape Soda bottle cap items.  The first was this headband with a bow.

Grape Soda Shopper Tote- This reusable bag is made from the bag liner material!

Grape Soda Coin Purse- I love this coin purse!  It's both fun and practical.

Up Click and Carry- I love this strap that matches the all over print bags!

Adventure Book Foldover Crossbody- This bag was one that I absolutely had to get; it's a smaller bag, but it packs a punch in how adorable it is!

Up Wanderlust Tote Bag- This was "the" popular bag of the second release.  It's giant and absolutely amazing.  And the colors in it are gorgeous!

Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and an incredible brother.  Eliot knew that I've been waiting for an Up Harveys collection so he didn't even bat an eye when I said I wanted most of it.  I knew it would be hard to get all of the items since it was going to be popular.  That's where Jeremy comes in.  I enlisted Jeremy to help us, and we all came up with a plan for both releases in order to get everything I wanted.  It takes a village, and thanks to both Jeremy and Eliot's help, we were able to get everything!

And while it cost me a pretty penny, I have absolutely no regrets.  Of all my Harveys bags, these are my favorites.  My Harveys Up bags are bright, colorful and so much fun!  They are everything I could have ever wanted and so much more.  Whenever I'm having a bad day, they always cheer me up!  They're my own little collection of uplifting cheerfulness.  I can't help but smile whenever I see them!

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!  And another big thank you to Eliot and Jeremy for helping me with this release.  I truly treasure my Harveys Up collection!  

Happy 13th Birthday to Disney Pixar's Up!!!  °o°

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