Sunday, May 1, 2022

Yay, It's May!!!

Happy May Friends!  I can't believe that it's May.  April flew right by in a blur.  And if April was jam packed, then May is the complete opposite.  Aside from going to the Lego event again today and working at the office a few more days... the holidays are pretty much the only thing on my calendar right now.  And I'm lovin' it.

Last week was the end to a few commitments.  My spring sewing class ended last Tuesday.  The San Jose Sharks hockey season is over as of Friday night.   The Sharks have pretty much been playing at least three games a week for a few months now.  So that will free up quite a bit of time... although I'm still sad to see the season end.

The other thing that was originally going to be ending last week was my time in the office.  I am going to be working in the chiropractic office a few more days before I hang my hat back up in regards to that.  The new office manager needs a bit more training before she will be ready to spread her wings and fly on her own.  So I'll be going back in on Thursday and Friday of this week to help.  I'll also probably go in at least one other day for training when the office is closed... but that won't be this week. 

After my time at the office is done, the rest of the month opens up to possibilities.  My plan going forward into May is to focus on working on the house before it gets too hot to do much away from the air conditioning.  I'd like to pick up where I left off with my week of cleaning in April.  I have some more work to do in our bedroom.  Eliot and I are also going to continue working on the dining and living room area.  If we're able to get those in shape, I'm hoping to move on to the master and guest bathrooms!

I've also got some business things that I'd like to start working on, but since I do most of my work at the dining room table, it makes sense to hold off on that a few more weeks.  We have a pretty powerful air conditioning unit in our living and dining room area, so I'll be able to sit at the table working on new products and items once it's too hot to work in other areas of the house.  We've talked about getting a few more air conditioning units as well, so that might help!

Eliot and I have still been pushing hard with our businesses and both are still ahead of schedule.  The plan is to keep ahead of 3D prints so that I'm able to continue to focus my energy on the house and creating new products for them!  If that goes as planned, hopefully we'll be able to shift our energy into opening our other shops later this year!

As for my blog, I'll probably be a bit quiet on here compared to the rest of this year so far.  I've been on pace writing a post at least every other day so far, but that might drop off if I'm working on cleaning and other house projects.  Or, I could be inspired to write a ton when I'm resting after a hard day's work.  I really have no idea!  But I'm not going to put myself on my strict schedule.  I'll just see where the wind takes me!

Of course, it isn't all work and no play around here either.  The Maine Mariners are still playing in their Round 1 playoff series that is 3 to 2 right now (with the Reading Royals in the lead).  If the Mariners win the next two games, and advance to the next round, Eliot and I plan to make time to go to their home games to cheer them on.  

We'll also be keeping an eye on the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  I'm fully invested in cheering for two former San Jose Sharks: Joe Pavelski and the Dallas Stars and Joe Thornton and the Florida Panthers!   We also enjoy watching the other games and seeing how everyone does.  Plus, hockey games are the perfect thing to listen to in the background while cleaning or working on orders!

Finally, I also have my Spring Bucket List to work on.  I've literally completed one thing on the list so far... so I'll definitely be cranking up the heat in May to get those things done!  Eliot still has six vacation days to use before the month is over, so I'm hoping we can work a few of those fun things into our extra time off together!

It looks like it'll be a quiet month, but I'm sure it will be anything but.  Watch out May, because I'm coming for you.  Hopefully I'll be back to report that I got a lot done!  °o°

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