Sunday, May 15, 2022

Feeling the Heat

Whew!  It's getting hot, hot, hot!  Things are certainly heating up around here... not only have the temperatures been rising, but Eliot and I are still keeping busy.

Eliot took Friday off in an effort to continue using his six vacation days that he needed to use in May.  It was pretty hot out on Friday.  After getting a large group of orders out for Snowblade Creations, we decided to go out and enjoy part of the day.  We decided to go over to Old Orchard Beach for our first Pier Fries of 2022!

We spent about an hour down at the beach.  Eliot bought us a box of Pier Fries to split and we sat on a bench outside of Palace Playland eating them.  Then, we went down to the beach for a few minutes to watch the waves.  On the way back up, we sat on one of the benches at the edge of the boardwalk for a few minutes.  There was a group with a little kitten on a leash and we were getting a kick out of watching it exploring.

On the way back to the car, we wandered through Palace Playland.  Eliot loves going in to check out the video games; they usually have a few new ones each year.  Then, we went back to our car.  On the drive home, we made a quick stop at our storage unit to drop off some stuff and pick up more shipping boxes for both Etsy shops.

We spent Friday night watching a bunch of NHL Stanley Cup playoff games.  Eliot and I have been flipping back and forth between the first round games as there has usually been two of them on at the same time, twice each night.  At this point, we've watched so many games that I've lost track of who was playing and when.  But now that the second round is beginning in the next few days, we'll only have to keep track of four series and eight teams instead of eight match ups and 16 teams!

Yesterday, was a bit of a quiet day.  It was really hot out- the high in our town was 90°... whew!  Eliot and I mailed a few more orders out for both shops.  Then, we pretty much hunkered in for the day.  We haven't gotten our air conditioners out yet, so the house was pretty hot.  We watched a Hallmark movie with fans set up in front of both of us.

In the late afternoon, we started watching the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs games.  The Bruins game started at 4:30, so we basically watched hockey from 4:30 until past midnight when the third game ended.  It was pretty intense as there were three game seven eliminations last night and we've got two more to watch today!

Which brings us to Sunday.  Today, Eliot and I are going to try to get some stuff done around the house since today's high is only 67°.  (It won't be unbearable!)  Eliot also wants to do some yard work and I'm hoping to get a bit of cleaning done!  I've also got some business stuff and computer stuff to do, so I'll probably try to get a bit of that done during the first hockey game.  Joe Pavelski and the Dallas Stars are the second game, so I'm sure I'll be watching that like a hawk!  (Go Stars!!!)

Screen Shot of NHL Schedule from Google

Looking ahead at this week, it's going to be another busy one.  Eliot also took Monday off from work so he'll be home tomorrow.  Although, we're not sure if we'll be doing anything or not.  It's supposed to be a little warmer than Sunday, but not super hot so we might try to go out and enjoy the weather for a few hours Monday afternoon!

I'm trying to post on my blog more this week, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write.  I'm going back into the office on Tuesday afternoon for a few hours.  (We'll see how that goes before determining if I'm going in anymore after that.)  I'm hoping to get some stuff done around the house before we have more of these 80° days!

I guess we'll see how this week pans out!  Have a wonderful week friends!!!  °o°

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