Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Top Ten Reasons That I RunDisney

It's been two weeks since Eliot and I endured the hot mess that was the 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend registration in order to sign up for our next in person RunDisney race event.  I won't go into it again since I'm past it; but to recap, Eliot is doing his first Dopey Challenge and I'm signed up for the 10K and virtual marathon.

While I wasn't too impressed with the registration experience, I am very excited to be participating in another live RunDisney event.  Now that the sting of not getting into the 5K has worn off a bit, I want to move forward trying to focus on the positive.  I wanted to take this opportunity to write about what I love about these events.  And what better way to do it than another Top Ten Tuesday post?

I love RunDisney events, and Walt Disney World is pretty much the only place that I'd willingly sign up to get out of bed at 3 am multiple days in a row to run.  I'm not a fan of running, but Disney makes each mile magical and it's actually fun!  Without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons that I keep going back to run at Disney.

Top Ten Reasons That I RunDisney

10.) Race Expo and Merchandise- You all know that Eliot and I love a good selection of Disney merchandise. The  RunDisney Race Expos are notorious for being crazy with people trying to grab the most sought out merchandise.  Items tend to sell out on day one. Thankfully, we've had pretty good luck at most of the expos, and our 20% off pass holder discount certainly helps when we're checking out!

9.) Sunrise in the Parks- There aren't many opportunities to be inside of a Disney park when the night fades into day and the sun is rising above the horizon.  Seeing the sun rise over the parks is definitely never an opportunity that I'll ever grow tired of!

8.) Fireworks at the Start Line- I mean, who else does this?!?!?  Only Disney would shoot off fireworks as each corral leaves the start line.

7.) Sense of Camaraderie with Other Runners- There's a bond that you share with other Disney runners that other people won't understand.  Whether it's lamenting over how ridiculous registration is, or how laughing about freakishly early we have to get out of bed multiple days in a row, there's always something to talk about!

6.) Costumes- This is one of the best parts of Disney races.  Adults can wear a costume into the parks when they usually can't.  Personally, my favorite part is seeing what everyone else is wearing.  Eliot and I have seen incredible costumes through the years.  Some groups dress up in themed costumes.  Some people really go all out planning their outfits.  Most people tend to casually Disneybound.  But it's always fun to see what everyone else wears!

5.) Generous Pace Requirements- Let's be real, Eliot and I wouldn't be "running" Disney races if they were as strict as most races.  Disney's easier 16 minutes per mile requirement puts most people at a slow jog or a steady quick walking pace.  Eliot and I usually speed walk most of our events.  With my knee problems, I'd never be able to physically "run" it, so I'm grateful for the extra time!

4.) Entertainment on the Course- Disney races are well-known known for course entertainment.  Whether it's DJs or the park speaker system playing music, cast members cheering you on, live marching bands, cheerleaders or other local youth groups, there will be plenty of things to entertain you along your race.  Plus, I can't forget other guests with signs along the route.  I've seen many signs that are downright hilarious and they always help power me through those next few miles.

3.) Take Photos with Characters- The best part of running a race at Disney for me is the opportunity to take photos with characters.  If the costumes, pace requirements and entertainment weren't already a reason to run here, the characters are.  There are many locations throughout the races to take photos with characters.  This is also a great chance to take photos with rare characters that you don't find at the parks!

2.) The Bling- Need a say more?  RunDisney race bling is addictive.  There's nothing quite like wearing your hard earned medal around your neck at the parks.  Other guests and fellow runners will congratulate you, cast members will comment on it, and it will lead to fun character interactions.  Finisher medals are also a great photo prop!

1.) The Feeling of Accomplishment- I think this is the best part of running at Disney for me.  The feeling of accomplishment and pride is like a drug.  Crossing the finish line gives you all sorts of happy endorphins and you'll feel like you can fly like Tinker Bell.

If these 10 reasons aren't enough to make you at least consider running at Disney... there's another really good reason to attend runDisney events.  It's a great excuse to visit Walt Disney World.  (As if I actually needed an excuse to visit Mickey!)

If you've never considered running a race before, I highly suggest you try runDisney.  If you don't want to commit to a physical race yet, they do virtual races every summer and they've also been doing virtual races weekends more recently.  I wouldn't be running races if it weren't for runDisney because I can't stand the thought of traditional running.  Disney makes everything more magical, and running is no exception!  °o°

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