Saturday, May 21, 2022

Small Shop Saturday: Femme de Bloom

Hi friends!  I'm popping back in with another Small Shop Saturday post!  Today, we're taking a look at Femme de Bloom.  I've mentioned that shop a few times in other posts, but I've always planned on writing a separate post for it!  Lately, I can't even seem to get one Femme de Bloom order in the mail before I'm already ordering the next one.

I started following Femme de Bloom quite a few years ago.  I don't remember how it started, but I must have originally discovered Melanie and her shop through Instagram. I've always loved her fun accessories and it was awesome to see another female shop owner killing it.  Plus, Melanie is also a clinical psychologist with a doctorate!

We actually saw Melanie while we were at Disneyland back in 2016 on Donald and Eliot's birthday.  Donald Duck is one of her favorite characters, and I recognized her in line to meet him when we were at the park.  At the time, I was too shy to go over and say hello, but it was still pretty cool to see her there in person after following her online!

Through the years, Melanie has constantly added new items to her shop and it has become increasingly harder to resist them.  I placed my first order in July of last year and I haven't looked back since.  I love getting her emails and texts to see what's new!

Of course, I'm completely hooked on all of Femme de Bloom's holiday and seasonal offerings.  As you know, Disney and holidays are my ultimate weakness, so naturally I have a pretty nice collection of earrings for Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

I also love the fun character designs!  I love a subtle Disneybound outfit, and these earrings are a great way to tie the entire look together.  Want to dress up like Minnie Mouse?  Then just add some cute Minnie earrings and you're all set!

The best part is that earrings are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to add some fun to your wardrobe.  I've paid attention to when Melanie runs sales for different holidays or seasons, so I've gotten discounts on most of my orders.  She also offers a discount coupon if you subscribe to her text message club.  

Melanie also offers freebies every once in a while.  If you add any item to your cart, you can add one freebie.  If your order is over $40, you qualify for two free items.  (I've qualified for two a few times.)  These items change each season and I always try to keep track of those too... because when they are gone, they're gone!

My collection has rapidly grown and it hasn't even been a year since I started buying them.  I have 150+ pairs of earrings from Femme de Bloom.  I love how they're great quality but inexpensive.  It's really easy to purchase a bunch at once.  (I use PayPal and the Pay in 4 option, so a lot of my orders cost about $15-$25 every 2 weeks!)

Most of my collection is Disney, holiday, or seasonal, but Melanie makes designs for so many different fandoms.  I also have Snoopy and Frosty earrings.  She makes horror movie stuff, boy band, other bands, musicals, Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, and more!  She even has a few Duffy and Friends designs that I just added to my collection!

And I can't stop, won't stop.  I swore that I'd behave myself after I got my last order in the mail.  Then, I got an email about the May the 4th Star Wars collection... and a Muppets and Sesame Street restock, there were also new Avengers styles, and finally I got an email that the Orange Bird and Figment earrings I wanted were back in stock.  

But it was the email about the new Mermaid collection on Thursday that sealed the deal.  All of these have been slowly piling up in my cart since the beginning of this month.  It was the Little Mermaid and shell earrings that made me hit the buy now button!  (Plus, I qualified for two freebies!)  I can't wait to get them in a few weeks! 

If you're looking for a fun way to add a little bit of character to your outfit, Femme de Bloom's accessories are the perfect touch!  I will most definitely be getting more!  °o°

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