Friday, May 13, 2022

Fun Find: Disney Broadway Stars Sing "A Million Dreams"

It might be Friday the 13th, but it's also It's Fri-YAY!!!  This has been a crazy week as I've been trying to get caught up with everything now that I'm home from my time helping out at the office.  However, I still wanted to swing by quickly to share a Fun Find Friday!  It's been about a month since I posted one, so I thought it was time!

Today, I'm sharing a video that I stumbled across yesterday.  I was spending a short break browsing through YouTube when I went down a rabbit hole.  I found a video of the Broadway stars from the Disney Princesss Concert that we went to while we were in California.  Naturally, one video lead to another, and before I knew it I found this!

Eliot and I both loved The Greatest Showman movie.  The music from it is one of our favorites to listen to while we're working on orders, cleaning or on a road trip.  The story of the movie follows P.T. Barnum and it reminds me of how Walt Disney dreamed up Disneyland.  I've always seen parallels between the two.  Now that Disney owns Fox and 20th Century Studios, The Greatest Showman is officially part of the extended Disney family and you can even watch it over on Disney+.

My favorite song from the movie is "A Million Dreams".  It reminds me of Walt Disney and of how Eliot and I have so many dreams and ideas.  While browsing online, I was immediately drawn in to this video of three Broadway stars singing it!  The women in the video are three Broadway legends- Susan Egan (who played the original Belle on Broadway and was the voice of Meg in Hercules), Laura Osnes (Broadway's original Cinderella) and Courtney Reed (Broadway's original Jasmine).

I thought this video was a great way to end my busy work week!  It's been a crazy one, but working hard is the only way I'll make my million dreams come true!!!  °o°

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