Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lego Fan Festival Today

Eliot and I have been waiting for tonight for months.  This evening, we will make our way up to the Portland Exposition to attend the BrickUniverse Lego Fan Festival!

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Tickets went on sale back in early February and they sold out of most time slots almost immediately.  Thankfully, Eliot and I were able to get 6 tickets for tonight and two for tomorrow afternoon.  This afternoon, Jeremy is coming up from New Hampshire and my parents and Nana are coming down from Trenton so we can all go together!

Originally, we thought everyone would be spending the night in Portland, but we're all so busy right now.  Instead, Jeremy will head back south while Mom, Dad, and Nana drive north.  It will be a quick visit, but it'll be nice to see them.  I haven't seen Mom, Dad and Nana since Jeremy's birthday.  (They've been busy with tax season.)  Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen Jeremy since then either.  It's been a while!

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We're all looking forward to getting out for a few hours.  We're not sure what to expect from the Lego Fan Festival, but I'm sure it will be cool.  There are supposed to be a lot of exhibits and builds to see!  I'm also looking forward to exploring the vendor booths to see what they have for sale!  And I know Eliot and Jeremy are looking forward to it too!

I'll be sure to tell you all about it once I have a chance to!  Things are still pretty busy around here... but I'll be back to write more as soon as I can!  °o°

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