Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Character Hugs Are Back!!!

When you wish upon a star, your dreams really do come true.  After 765 days of hug-less, socially distant character interactions, hugs are finally back at Disney parks!!! 

I actually teared up when I first heard the news weeks ago.  I recall how emotional I was when Mickey simply blew me a kiss at Disneyland a few weeks ago.  While I know that the characters are just cast members dressed up in costume, there's something magical about character interactions.  I can't help but smile when one waves at me.  I still love talking to them and getting autographs while taking photos.  The innocence and pure magic from my childhood are still there whenever I see Mickey and Minnie.

Some of my favorite Disney memories are shared with characters.  From getting a hug from Mickey on my 33rd birthday, to sharing a hug with him at Eliot's and my dream come true Disney wedding, they've made some of our biggest celebrations that much more magical.  The characters mean a lot to me.  Thankfully, Eliot shares my affinity for them and he happily waits in line with me for photos!

To celebrate this happy milestone in the parks getting back to normal, I wanted to share some of my favorite character hug photos that we've taken through the years.

Also, this post inadvertently turned into a new blog segment here- Top Ten Tuesday!  I originally had the idea to do this segment back in 2015 and I'd honestly forgotten about it until I was going through my photos.  Then, I briefly remembered it and I found an old note on my computer with the idea- along with a few others!  After a minute or so of thought, I decided to go for it!  Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday!

So without further ado, here are my top 10 character hug photos from Disney!

10.) Russell- I loved getting to show Russell my little Dug plushie along with my hug!

9.) Sulley- Who wouldn't want a giant squishy hug with a furry monster?

8.) Olaf- I was so excited when I finally got to meet Olaf and give him a big hug!

7.) Daisy- She absolutely loved my fashionable outfit that coordinated with hers!

6.) Goofy- This photo always makes me smile... I love Goofy!

5.) Chip- This is from one of the first meet and greets Eliot and I ever did together!

4.) Oswald- I love meeting and hugging the more rare characters!

3.) Duffy- I love this and I miss Duffy terribly.  What I wouldn't give to hug him again... 

2.) Minnie- I always have to give my favorite fashionable mouse a big hug!

1.) Mickey- This is my favorite character hug photo.  I love the pure joy on my face!

And there you have it!  We've had so many fun moments with characters!

I'm so happy that character hugs are back!  I never realized how much something that seems as simple as a hug would mean to me, but after the past two years, I'll never take them for granted.  I can't wait to give Mickey a giant hug in September!!!  °o°

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