Tuesday, April 5, 2022

RunDisney Frozen Summer Virtual Series

This afternoon, I registered for the RunDisney Frozen Summer Virtual Series!  

RunDisney made the announcement about the races Monday, March 28th.  (They had teased the theme for this summer's Frozen races a few days prior.)  Registration opened today at 10 am, so I signed up as soon as I got back from my sewing class!

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Eliot and I have signed up for the summer 5K virtual races the past few years.  We've come up with a system that works for us.  One of us registers for the event, then both of us do the mileage together and we share the medals!

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Eliot and I still haven't actually done our mileage from last year, so we've also got those miles to walk this summer!  During the summer of 2021, Disney did a Lion King theme with the medals being themed to the original animated film, the Broadway adaptation and the live action remake.  It appears that they liked that general medal idea... 

This year, the first medal is themed to the original film, Frozen.  The second medal is themed to the sequel, Frozen 2.  The third medal is themed to the Broadway show.  If you sign up to complete all three of those 5K events, you also get the Virtual Challenge medal which is of Olaf this year.  (You have to sign up for the challenge in order to get the Olaf medal.  It ends up costing you $15 more for all four medals.)  Of course, I'm obsessed with Frozen so Eliot and I had to sign up for the challenge.   

Plus, signing up also made a lot of sense.  I haven't said anything about it on here yet, but over the past few weeks, Eliot has decided to do the Dopey Challenge next year along with his sister Sara.  These 5K virtual races will be stepping stones on his quest to train for the 48.6 miles he'll be undertaking next January!

Unfortunately, the medals appear to be a little plain... but they are all snow globes so I'm hoping that they'll look a lot cooler in person.  I tend to like the medals that are different shapes more than generic round ones, but hopefully these will surprise me!  I know they will look good displayed alongside all of our other RunDisney medals!

As of right now, I'm not sure if they'll be doing shirts for this event.  The event page mentioned a virtual race expo closer to the event.  I'm hopeful that there might be some fun Frozen themed running shirts.  Some of my favorite things at the in person race expos are the generic running shirts!  I'd love to get an Elsa, Olaf or Anna shirt!

In the meantime, Eliot and I will be making plans to complete our Frozen and our Lion King virtual 5K races this summer.  We probably won't get the Frozen medals in the mail until sometime in August, so we've got plenty of time to go log miles of magic!  °o°

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