Saturday, April 9, 2022

Small Shop: Sew Minnie Style

Happy Saturday Friends!  It's been a few days since my last post so I thought I'd drop in today with another small shop post.  One of my favorite Etsy shops right now is Sew Minnie Style.  It also made an appearance in my Flower and Garden Festival post a few weeks ago, but I wanted to do a dedicated post for it!  I've purchased a few things from this shop, and I've been very impressed with everything that I have received.

I first discovered Sew Minnie Style when Jenna was mostly making and selling her super cute shoe bows.  Someone on Instagram had posted a photo of their shoes with these adorable little Minnie Mouse bows on them.  I immediately had to go investigate the shop tagged in the photo to see where they came from!

After discovering the shoe bows, I quickly discovered that she sold other items in her shop too.  Jenna was also the creator behind the super cute bow fanny packs!  Not only are these absolutely amazing, but they're super practical too!  These bow fanny packs are stylish and useful!  I need to get one... I just need to decide on a color!

More recently, Jenna started making adorable crossbody bags.  That's where I got hooked.  She's had a bunch of different designs in her Sew Minnie Style shop the past few years.  There's always a seasonal offering, so you have to follow her on Instagram in order to keep track of what's being released and when.

Naturally, yours truly was obsessed with the holiday designs.  I'm such a sucker for anything Disney and the holidays.  And I love cute accessories to complete my outfit!

I've also been attracted to the seasonal designs.  I fell head over heels for the Mickey Paint Palette Crossbody Bag.  As a creative person also obsessed with the Festival of the Arts, this was something that I absolutely needed in my life!  In fact, it was part of the first order that I placed from Sew Minnie Style back in March of last year.

As I told you in my Flower and Garden post, I also have the Minnie topiary bag.  I love the topiaries at the festival and this was the perfect way to bring a little of that magic home with me into my everyday life!  It's also really soft and fluffy!  This was the other bag in my first order.  I was so impressed with them when they arrived!

After that, I placed my second order less than two months later.  I had been admiring the Orange Bird bag for a while and I needed to add him to my collection.  He's made in more of a neon orange color, but I love how bright and fun he is!

Finally, the other bag in my second order was the Pastel Rainbow Mickey Balloon Crossbody bag.  I loved all of the Mickey balloon bags and this was my favorite.  I loved the fun colors in it and it's so pretty in person.  Jenna has recently retired the Mickey Balloon bags, but maybe they'll make a reappearance down the road!

Jenna has also expanded to making home decor items.  She's made a few pillows; I really wanted to get the Orange Bird and Figment pillows.  Originally, I was going to get Eliot one of each for his Christmas present, but then she never re-stocked them in her store.  I started to give up when the most magical thing happened... 

I was randomly scrolling through Instagram and I discovered that Jenna had made Figment and Orange Bird Christmas Stockings.  I immediately knew that we needed them, and that was what I was going to get Eliot for his Christmas presents last year.

I stopped everything and went over to her shop to buy them.  She still had Orange Bird in stock, but Figment had already sold out.  She had asked if anyone else wanted any on Instagram, so I popped back over there to tell her I wanted a Figment.  I also sent her a message on Etsy that it was ok to wait to mail out my Orange Bird until I had acquired the Figment stocking as well.

Jenna went above and beyond to make sure that I got both the Orange Bird and Figment stockings for Eliot's Christmas present.  She sold out of him a second time and I missed him again.  She made one more batch and each time she listed them, she sent me a message so I'd know.  (I was covering at the office so I missed it when I usually would have been right on my laptop at home.)  I finally ended up getting the last one in stock, and that might have actually been the last one she listed last year.

Jenna was also great about changing the address on my order.  I bought both of them so quickly that I didn't have time to change my address.  I sent them to my parents' house instead, so Eliot wouldn't accidentally open the package.  I was so excited to give them to him Christmas morning and Eliot absolutely loved them when he opened them up.  He had no idea what I'd gotten him and he was really surprised.  They will be a cherished decoration and hung somewhere special each Christmas.   

One other product that's more new in the shop is the nuiMO Mickey Balloons.  Disney's little nuiMO plushes are taking over and these balloons are perfect for your tiny friend!

She even made a version for Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary!  Sooo cute!!!

I'm always keeping an eye on Instagram to see what new crossbody bag designs she's created.  Jenna recently added a new Pluto crossbody to her Sew Minnie Style shop that's so cute.  I might have to get him to match all of the Disney dogs merchandise that I have!  I've also got my eye on the Mickey Waffle and Figment crossbody bags.  

I'm also anxiously awaiting the return of Chip and Dale to her shop!  They're so cute!!! 

I can't wait to see what other characters and crossbody designs Jenna's got up her sleeves!  I'm certainly hooked on them!  Plus, the bags are lightweight, well-made and they ship very quickly since they're already made and ready to go to their new homes!

If you're looking for a cute accessory that will pull your outfit together, and make your day much more magical, then Sew Minnie Style is definitely a shop that you'll want to check out!!!  These cute products are sure to make anyone smile!  °o°

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