Sunday, April 10, 2022

National Siblings Day

It's National Siblings Day!  One of the oldest jokes in the book is how siblings fight and don't get along.  We might not always see eye-to-eye with ours, but Eliot and I have both been blessed with great siblings.  Jeremy was my first best friend and growing up, we hardly ever fought.  (We still don't.)  We truly enjoy spending time together and I'm lucky that he's close enough that Eliot and I see him pretty often.  We don't see Eliot's sisters as much as we'd like, but we cherish the time we do get to spend with them.

Today, I thought that I'd celebrate National Siblings Day by bragging a little bit about each of our siblings, and tell you where they are and what they've been up to... 

Jeremy is working for a local credit union in New Hampshire.  He's just gone back to working in the office a few days a week after working out of his bedroom most of the past two years due to COVID.  (He lives around the corner from work, so it's not a far commute.)  Jeremy's worked really hard and he got a promotion not too long ago.  He also runs tournaments for a chess-like game at his local comic book store.  He's really good at it too; a few years ago he made it to the National Finals as well as Worlds!

This past year, Sara has been working as an intern in Illinois working at an emergency vet clinic.  This has been her first job after her graduation from Colorado State last May.  She's finishing her internship sometime in June when they welcome the next group of interns.  She's been really busy there.  She works overnight shifts, long shifts, holiday shifts, weekend shifts... you name it and she's worked it.  Sara's also gotten a lot of different experience working different rotations.  I know she's probably exhausted at this point, but she's learned a lot and Eliot and I are very proud of her!  We aren't sure where she'll be next, but we're cheering her on and hoping she finds a good fit!

Elissa is back in California after her internship in West Virginia ended at the end of January.  She just started working at her new job less than a week ago!  Elissa has dreamed of becoming a zookeeper since I can remember.  (I met her when she was nine.)  I'm so happy to report that she just stared her first zookeeping job at Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, CA.  She's been really busy this past week so we haven't had a chance to hear about it yet, but we're anxiously waiting to see how it's going and what she'll be doing!  We are so proud of her for chasing her dreams!

I could tell you many more wonderful things about our siblings, but they would already probably be embarrassed about me bragging on them this much... so I'll keep it to a minimum.  I just wanted to acknowledge how proud Eliot and I are of them.  All three of them have been in transition career wise over the past year, and I know that's provided a lot of uncertainty.  I want them to know how much we love and support them! 

Happy National Siblings Day Jeremy, Sara and Elissa!!!  We love you!!!  °o°

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