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Magical Merchandise: Rainbows Everywhere

I'm in a rainbow paradise!!!  This year, Disney is going all out with merchandise for Pride month.  Not only do they have their own Rainbow Collection available in their theme parks and on Shop Disney... but this year they are also releasing items at other retailers!  My rainbow loving heart has been overwhelmed with all of the magical, fun, bright merchandise available!  I had come over here to share it with you!

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This year, Disney has partnered with so. many. different. retailers... and I'm totally here for it!  I've found merchandise either in store or online at Target, Torrid, BoxLunch, Hot Topic, Kohl's, Amazon, Funko, Joann Fabrics, Love Your Melon and more!  I've been working on this post for a few weeks now- and I keep finding more stuff!  (There's so much I want to share that I almost had to separate this post into two parts...)

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I actually got in on all of the rainbow fun long before Disney released their new 2021 rainbow merchandise.  I found a Rainbow Mickey Loungefly bag online at Hot Topic back in April and I bought it thinking it would sell out.  (It's still available as of this post!)

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I also jumped into action when I saw the Mickey rainbow fabric at Joann.  I love fun Disney fabric and I knew this would be perfect!  Unfortunately, our local store was sold out at that time.  But thankfully my parents were able to get some from another store over Mother's Day weekend!  Daddy bought me the entire bolt of fabric, so I'll have plenty of it for a bunch of projects.  Maybe we need some rainbow curtains too... 

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Since then, I've seen much more both online and in person!  I love this so much; I had to share it here so you could see all of the fun rainbow merchandise too!  Here are a few of my favorite items from other retailers (organized by retailer).

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Hot Topic

Hot Topic was the first website that I checked for Disney Rainbow Pride products.  (I had heard about the rainbow Loungefly bag and I knew there was a good chance they would have more items online.)  Over the past few months, I've watched as their Pride collection has multiplied.  Even today, I found new items that I hadn't seen before!

My absolute favorite part of the collection are the home decor items.  It's probably the interior designer in me, but I love bright colors and decor!  Eliot and I have a colorful home anyways, so these items are perfect!  As I mentioned before, I bought the Happy Thoughts sign and the Mickey rainbow love banner at our local Hot Topic store.  But I also love the other hanging sign and the wood wall art!

Hot Topic also has a bunch of clothing and accessories for Pride.  Eliot and I found Disney rainbow face masks and socks at our local store.  Online, they have buttons, pins, and my rainbow backpack!  They also have a huge selection of t-shirts; I picked out a few favorites to share here.  I also love the Mickey heart hands tank top and it's currently sitting upstairs.  (I also bought one of those months ago.)  Finally, I am totally obsessed with this new Mickey Rainbow suspender skirt that I found online today!  (It looks like I'll be placing another order very soon!)


BoxLunch is the sister store to Hot Topic, so naturally I went there next.  They've also added a lot of new Disney Rainbow Pride items recently.  (I was shocked at how many new things I found today!)  I am totally loving the home decor here too!  How cute is that little Mickey and Minnie snow globe!  And I love the Rainbow picture frame!  I found the tumblers on the last page and I'm so glad I checked!  They're really cute!

I'm also loving the accessories here.  This Mickey backpack is super cute!  I love how big, bold and bright the mouse ears are!  I also love the journal, the Stitch scrunchies and the Stitch cosmetic cases.  It's all so bright and fun!

BoxLunch also has a ton of t-shirts.  I picked out a small few of my favorites here as well.  There are a lot of Mickey, Stitch and Star Wars designs to choose from!


Torrid has done a Pride collection in the past, but this year they went all out.  Although, I wasn't super excited about this year's Disney Pride items.  The sweatshirt was cute and I like the leggings, but the Stitch shirt with the cutout sleeves wasn't doing it for me.  I'm also not a huge villains fan so the Ursula tank didn't make it in my cart either.

However, I immediately fell in love with a few of the generic Rainbow Pride items from the collection.  After much deliberation, I finally placed my order this past weekend.  I missed out on the sleeveless tie dye tank I'd wanted, but I still got a skirt, tank, long sweater, cardigan, and a dress.  (Ok, so I went a little crazy but I really love this stuff!)


Amazon has so many shirts!!!  I never think to look on Amazon for t-shirts, but I'd sure be missing out if Disney hadn't mentioned there would be products available over there!  They have a good selection of Disney, Star Wars, Avengers and Harry Potter designs.  These were my favorites! 


Kohl's also had a huge selection of Disney Pride shirts.  From Mickey and Minnie to Star Wars, they've got you covered.  They also have a Mickey Rainbow shirt (top middle) that's available in sizes for the entire family!  There's even a necklace!


Last year, Funko debuted a rainbow colored, Batman, Hello Kitty and SpongeBob SquarePants Pride Funko Pops.  They were a bit hit, but for Disney fans like Eliot and me, they were clearly missing an opportunity.  Thankfully, I can finally stop grumbling because they've got a whole bunch of them this year.  So far, they've released Mickey, Wall-E, Stitch and a few others at multiple retail shops.  Eliot and I are now anxiously waiting for the release of Minnie, Goofy and BB-8 as exclusives on Funko's website.


Target has a giant Pride Collection.  They don't have many Disney items, but they do have the Funko Pops available online.  They also have this cute Mickey shirt!


Surprisingly, Walmart doesn't have a pride collection of their own.  There are plenty of items available online, but the majority are from 3rd party sellers.  However, Walmart does have the Funko Pops and they also had these men's tank tops.


Cakeworthy released a few items for Pride Month.  I love their products and I love purchasing from them because they a LGBTQIA+ run brand.  I was so excited to find out that they were making Pride items!  I really love the Rainbow Mickey Ear Baseball Hat.  The Rainbow Mickey Overalls are cute, but I don't think I'd wear them.  The Rainbow Mickey Tank is really fun... I love how Mickey's name and his outfit are both rainbows!  Eliot doesn't have as many rainbow outfits so I might get him a Rainbow Sensational 6 Button Down Shirt to wear unbuttoned like a Hawaiian shirt.

Joann Fabrics

Some of the retailers carrying Disney Rainbow Pride merchandise surprised me.  One of them was Joann.  While I was on Etsy, I found a shop selling a Rainbow Mickey skirt and I really loved it.  I checked out their shop and realized they used a lot of fabrics from Joann.  I jumped right over to Joann's website and lo and behold, there were a bunch of different Disney Pride fabrics available!  This is the Mickey fabric I fell in love with- the one I begged my parents to get when it was sold out at our local store.

But there were also a few others available!  I also really like the one where Mickey is running and it has his name in the background.  I'm also a fan of the Sensational 6 on the black background!  The colors really pop!

Love Your Melon 

Love Your Melon was probably my biggest surprise for Disney Pride merchandise.  I was scrolling through Facebook a few days ago when I saw an advertisement for the collection.  I was immediately drawn to the bright colors of the tie dye hat, as well as the sharp contrast of the white hat with the Rainbow Minnie patch.  The Disney x Love Your Melon Pride Collection actually just went on sale this morning, and I bought the cuffed Black Mickey and White Minnie hats, as well as the Minnie tie dye pom pom hat!

I was also really impressed that they released solid red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lavender hats with Mickey or Minnie patches as well.  There are tons of options to pick from!  And if winter hats aren't your thing, Love Your Melon also released a few other items.  They made baseball hats- which sold out within the first hour.  They also made a few bucket hats, t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts!

And there you have it friends!!!  That's all of the Disney Rainbow Pride merchandise that I've found so far!  (But you can guarantee that I'm keeping my eyes peeled!)

Look at all of those beautiful, bright colors!  It's so much fun!  I am totally onboard with Disney having Pride merchandise available somewhere other than the parks!  I hope this is a sign of things to come in the future too!  I'd love to have Disney rainbow items available at multiple retailers in June!  Plus, it's a bonus that most of these places are donating some of their proceeds to organizations helping the LGBTQIA+ community!

Thank you to Disney and all of the retailers that are releasing Disney Rainbow Pride merchandise!  I can't wait to get my hands on our new rainbow products so Eliot and I can show that we're proud allies supporting the LGBTQIA+ community!!! 🌈 

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me!!!  °o°

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