Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Other Side

It's been three days since Eliot and I joined the population of those who have received their 2nd COVID vaccination.  It's been a bit of a ride, but I think we've made it to the other side at this point.  But the past two days have been interesting to say the least.

Wednesday night we were feeling pretty good when I posted my blog post at 8:15.  Our left arms were sore, but neither of us were in excruciating pain.  However, a few short hours later, Eliot started to develop really sore muscles.  My whole arm was sore, but I was feeling ok.  I took Tylenol before bed, just in case, and we went to bed around 2.

I was awake again at 6:30 am after not sleeping well.  When I woke up, my head was pounding and my neck and shoulders were killing me.  For me, this is not an abnormal occurrence, as I often wake with these same problems.  I wasn't sure if it was the shot or how I slept on my pillow... but I knew I was in a lot of pain.  

Since I'd already taken Tylenol only a few hours prior, I couldn't take anymore until 8:00 am.  After an awful hour of attempting to get comfortable and trying to ignore the pain, I said screw it and went downstairs for supplies.  At 7:30 am, I took more Tylenol and sat propped up on the couch to get the pressure off my neck and shoulders.  While I was trying to relax, I had the morning news on in the background and rested my eyes with an ice pack on my neck and a cold washcloth on my forehead.

After about an hour, I went back up to bed with my cold washcloth.  It took me a little bit to fall back asleep, but the cold washcloth helped.  Once I finally fell back asleep, I was out cold and I didn't come to again until 12:15 pm when Eliot was also getting up.  At that point, it was apparent that it was going to be a long day.  We both made our way downstairs and attempted to go about our day... but it didn't last long.  

Eliot had a massive headache, the sweats and his muscles were so sore he couldn't walk properly.  I tetter-tottered between having a massive headache and a dull one all day.  We both took Tylenol- but it didn't change anything.  Neither of us had a fever but we both felt so hot.  We cranked the air conditioner up, and that helped a little, but it was still rough.  We both felt like a freight train had run us over.

We wanted to be productive, but there wasn't much we could do.  The brain fog was awful and I couldn't focus.  Thankfully, Eliot was able to keep the 3D printers running so we were at least productive with that.  We ended up watching the last Hallmark Christmas movie that was on our DVR from the holiday season.  Once that was over, we watched a bit of the news and tried to start another Hallmark movie, but we both quickly lost interest and were half falling asleep after the first 30 minutes.

Around 4:00 pm, we both decided that we'd pushed ourselves enough and that it was time for a nap.  I grabbed my new pillow that I'd bought at Walmart after we got our vaccinations.  It was glorious.  Getting it into the new pillowcase was a pain in the butt with a sore arm, but the pillow itself was so fluffy.  After four magical hours of sleep, I woke from my nap feeling a million times better than when I woke that morning.

Eliot and I got out of bed the second time with a little more motivation.  Neither of us were feeling 100%, but we were able to get a few things done for our businesses.  We turned on a few of the NHL hockey playoff games and listened to those while we worked on orders.  We did as much as we physically could, then we sat and watched the rest of the games that went into overtime.  After, we switched back over to the Hallmark movie that we'd started.  Once that was over, we went back to bed again.

Friday morning, we woke up just before our alarm was going to go off at 10:00.  (Ok, I actually awoke to a loud bang of something falling on the bathroom floor.)  Eliot had woken up before me and taken my phone to call the tire place to reschedule his 2:30 pm appointment that afternoon.  (Yup, that was my phone that fell.)  I got out of bed a few minutes later and we proceeded to start our day.

Eliot also contacted his work to tell them that he was staying home another day.  He still didn't feel well and had a bad case of the sweats.  I was thrilled that my splitting headache was gone.  While eating something for breakfast, we watched Manifest on our DVR from Thursday night.  Then, it was time to attempt to get to work.

For the next few hours, we worked through as many orders as we could.  We finished a lot of desk accessories.  Eliot printed shipping labels and packaged as many orders as he could.  Then, he went to the post office for our 4:30 drop off right before they closed.  We've still got a few more orders that could have gone out, but we ran out of time and were exhausted by the time we finished.

The rest of the evening was a combination of relaxing and work.  Eliot and I stood on our porch watching the chipmunks bounce around the front yard.  I took pictures of our bush that's currently blooming with gorgeous, bright yellow flowers.  We got our trash cans from the end of the road.  Eliot went outdoors for a bit to unwind while I watched one of my tv shows on the DVR.  We turned on playoff hockey.  I took a nap and shortly after I got up, Eliot took a nap.  And then we went back to work some more.

Today, we're going to try to go back to work full force.  We both feel a lot better and Eliot's sweats are finally gone.  He took a large load of orders to the post office this morning, and those we weren't able to get completed will be getting finished over the next few days.  We also have a bunch of things we'd like to get done around the house this weekend.  Hopefully, we'll continue to feel well and be able to get some stuff done! 

While the past two days haven't been my favorite, I'm still so relieved that we got the shot.  It's a little depressing that no one else in my family had any symptoms and then I did, but I'm glad no one else was miserable.  Eliot didn't think he'd have problems, but he was knocked on his butt.  I guess you never really know until you get it.  But, this still wasn't as terrible as how sick I was back in January of 2020, so I'll gladly take it!  

Three days down... and only 11 to go until full immunity!!!  °o°

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